Heathrow Airport Guide

Heathrow Airport Guide

Heathrow Airport is the one of the busiest international airport in the world, every minute the heathrow airport has flight landings and it serves many airlines reaching London and it has been newly built and upgraded to the modern standard to face the new customer expectations and technologies.it has the all the facilities the customers needed.

Heathrow airport to London & from London to Heathrow

A prominent international airport in London facilitates for making the journey perfect. Heathrow airport is regarded as the busiest airport in United Kingdom. The recordstell the story of how busy it is. It has records of handling more than 75 million of passengers in 2015.

Heathrow Airport by coach or bus

The coaches travel from central bus station of the Heathrow airport to other destinations likeLondon, Oxford, Wales, Bristol and Gatwickand all over the UK.

The central bus station is located between the Heathrow airport’s Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. 

It is opened 24 hours and the place where central bus station is located can be reached within few minutes by underground walkways. 

From Terminal 4 and 5 a free Heathrow Connect can be taken to go to the Central bus station. 

The Details of all the services can be collected from the travel center. It is opened from 06:00 to 22:30.

National Express runs throughout Heathrow and other airports. And also 100 services are available per day. 

Hotel Hoppa which is operated by National Express to travel between Heathrow Airport and the hotels of Heathrow Airport.

Facilities of Hotel Hoppa

• Comfortable seats.

• Baggage space.

• For adults online tickets are £4.50.

• Under- fives travelling is free.

• When purchasing directly a single is £5 and return is £9.

Heathrow Airport by train or tube

There is a Railair service which offers the quickest link between London and Heathrow. It starts from London Heathrow Airport and it reaches to the destinations like Feltham, Woking, Reading, Watford junction.

The details of all the Rail services can be collected from arrival areas of the terminals.

• Buy tickets in advance to save money.

There are two Services.

1. Heathrow Express

It just takes 15 minutes to travel from Heathrow airport’s terminal 2 and 3 to the London Paddington which is called as a central London railway terminus.(Few more time to travel from terminal 4 and 5)

Train departs in every 15 minutes.Departs from Monday to Thursday half and hourly after 21:55 from Paddington.

On Sundays the first train starts at 06:25 and stops at 23:25.

2. Heathrow Connect

Heathrow Connect departs in every 30 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased online or are available at ticket office.

Heathrow Airport by Black cabs or mini cabs

The best way to arrange the journey as do not need to worry about Parking. Although hiring a taxi is somewhat expensive than public transport, it is easy to travel as it available every time.

Heathrow airport and surrounding areas are served by over 600 taxi companies. Specially many of them serve for airport hires. They offer special rates also.  

Some taxi companies offer the return facilities also. It is really cheaper than hiring another taxi when you return back to the country. It is convenient for the people who go abroad as they can hire a return back taxi. When the flight number is provided they will track the flight on the day you return back and get you from the airport. They will wait for the delays also.

Vehicle Availability

• Premium executive saloons: Mercedes-Benz S Class

• 8-Seat executive minibuses / 16 – Seat executive minibus: Mercedes-Benz Viano

• Electric vehicles: Tesla

• Luxury Vehicles: Rolls – Royce.

Taxi Fares

• Between Heathrow and Central London:£46 - £87.

The passengers are entitled to pay the full amount which is displayed on the meter. Do not need to worry if both driver and passenger agree on a final amount that is need to be paid. 

Heathrow Airport by hotel transfers

There are services which assist the tourists in transferring them between Heathrow airport and London hotels which have been selected. Those are provided by the particular hotels. 

Airport hotel shop includes the list of hotels around Heathrow airport. When you get a hotel with hotel transfer, you had better to find the information and book hotels through Airport Hotel Shop.

• Hotel Hoppa transfer service is offered by National Express.

• You can take a shuttle bus from and to Terminal 1, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and 5. 

London Heathrow Airport Car Hire

A great way to travel to Heathrow airport is by an own car as it facilitates for cheap airport parking option. 

And also, you can hire cars which offer 24 hour service for Heathrow. Premium and luxury cars are available which can be used for business purposes. 

Travelers can enjoy with huge range of cars including sports cars, convertibles, economy vehicles and minibuses.

They provide the various facilities like Satellite Navigation Systems, Child seats for ensuring child protection. 

The minimum charge is £24 per day.

The greatest option for travelling is that, if you have an early flight, you had better to book an airport hotel as it avoids getting up early in the morning. 

Share the Car

There is another way to reduce the cost per cars and also reduce the air pollution and traffic congestion. That is “car share” which means the people who go abroad can join with the others who are going in the same way. 

Car sharing Services can be found in London. 

When you enter the place which you suppose to go, you will find the others who make the same journey. 

Heathrow Airport Parking

Booking 24 hours in advance will ensure you the best rates. Parking of Heathrow airport offers the 24 hours security.  

Heathrow Short stay parking

Short stay parking can be seen right next to each terminals and allows to drop, meet and pick up the travelers. 

• Approximately, it has 45 meters to walk to the terminal from park.

• You can travel with your own car. 

• Book it with any time period.

Heathrow Long Stay Parking

Heathrow Long stay parking is ideal for anyone who supposes to go away for several days. It is the solution for the people who fly from Heathrow terminals to spend holidays. 

• One and only long stay car park in the airport.

• Approximately, it takes 10 minutes to the terminal. 

• 24 hours security is ensured. 

Heathrow Business Parking

Heathrow airport Business car park allows for catching the flights easily. These are located in closer to the terminals. 

• Business Parking is available in all the terminals.

• Ideal for the people who need to travel quickly.

Heathrow Meet & Greet Parking

• Meet & Greet parking iscalled as the best drop off and pick up locations.

• It is essential to book in advance.  

• Car can be parked in the same area until return back.

• Approximately, it has 45 meters to walk to the terminal from park.

• 24 hours security is provided.

Heathrow POD parking

POD parking is especially for those who fly from Terminal 5. Driverless on-demand ponds transfer the passengers to and from the terminal.

• Approximately it takes 5 minutes to and from the terminal.

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Special assistance at Heathrow

Heathrow airport provides the special facilities for the person who are disable. 


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