Getting between terminals at Heathrow

Getting between terminals at Heathrow

There are 3 sections in Heathrow airport.

1. Central area

Terminal 2 and 3 are located in central area. 

2. Southern section

 Terminal 4 is located in southern section.

3. Western section

Terminal 5 is located in western section.

It is easy to transfer between terminal 2 and terminal 3 as it is a few minutes’ walk.Heathrow express and Connect underground system facilitate for transferring to and from central area to Terminal 4 and 5. Free trains and buses are available in terminal 4 and terminal 5. 

Heathrow express travels from terminal 2 and 3 which is called the central area to terminal 5. Heathrow connect stops at terminal 4. The central bus station is located in central area. 

• To travel from terminal 5 to terminals 2 or 3, Heathrow Express is available and it takes 3 minutes. 441 bus also serves for transferring. But it takes 10 minutes. To go to the terminal 4, Heathrow Express allows for transferring central area and then you can take a Heathrow connect to go to the terminal 4. 482, 490 buses also serve for transferring.

• To travel from terminal 4 to terminal 2 or 3, you have to take Heathrow Connect. Otherwise 555, 557 buses also serve for transferring. To go to terminal 5, Heathrow connect allows for transferring central area and then take Heathrow Express to go to terminal 5. 482, 490, 724 can be also used.

• To travel from terminal 2 or 3 to terminal 4, take Heathrow connect. Otherwise you can take 555 bus. But it takes 19 minutes. Heathrow Express can be taken to travel to terminal 5 from central area. 441 bus also can be used. It is a 10 minutes journey time. 724 bus also allows but it takes 20 minutes. 

Terminal 1

This was opened in 1968 and it was closed in 2015. 

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 was opened in 1955 and it was called as the Europa building. However, it was closed in 2009 and again opened in 4th June 2014. It is the Queen’s Terminal.

Terminal 3

Heathrow airport’s terminal 3 is opened in 1961. 18 airlines use it and handle 18.4 passengers. Operates long-haul flights. 

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is opened in 1986. It handles 10.4 million passengers per year. It operates mainly long-haul flights and European destinations.

Terminal 5

This is the newest terminal of Heathrow airport. It is established in 2008. 

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