Traveling To London What To Pack - Travel Packing List For UK

What to Pack Before Travel

United Kingdom is a vast country having different climate zones, the Northern Ireland and Western parts of England generally has mild and wet climate. The Eastern England is drier, cooler and is extremely unpredictable in terms of temperature. The Northern areas are slightly cooler and wetter compared to the Southern areas, hence you need to pack appropriately for your UK trip. Whether you are visiting UK with your family or going to enroll to a university or maybe visiting just for the purpose of travel you would need few perfect packing essentials for your visit.

What you need to pack for your UK visit?
Packing luggage might seem like a chore and is the extremely unpleasant part of preparation. But packing a few appropriate travel essentials could save you from the struggle and inconvenience. These are a few essentials you would require for your UK visit –

Clothing essentials
UK has extremely unpredictable weather and you must prepare yourself for that, we would advise you to pack wisely by picking appropriate layering pieces of clothes. You need to pack your clothing according to these seasons below,

Winter ( december, january, february ) – Winter is extremely cold in UK, so the key is to pack lots of layering pieces along with a heavy winter coat. Also don’t forget to carry your boots, socks, gloves and leg warmers. 

Spring ( march, april, may ) – In UK it rains a lot in spring but it’s still cold, so you need to pack your layering pieces along preferably with a thick rain coat. Try to pack a bit more since you would frequently ruin your clothes due to rain and don’t forget to pack your rain boots and umbrella.
Summer ( june, july, auguest ) – Summers could be warm as well as wet in UK, always be prepared for a gloomy and grey summer day. We would suggest you to carry on a few light cardigans along for those unpredictable days.  
• Autumn (september, october, november ) – autumns are extremely gorgeous in UK, you would witness a mild and subtle climate. Bring light layering pieces for early autumn visit and a few warm pieces for late autumn visits. Your warm scarves and boots could befriend you during this time.

Personal care essentials –
If you are visiting UK then you must carry your personal care essentials along, but try not to over pack them. We would suggest you to pack small or sample sized products to save some space. You should definitely pack these items –

• Few essential cosmetics
• Grooming product – razor or epilator
• Other essentials

You could also purchase some essentials like sunscreen, shampoo, Lip Barm (in winter your lips re very sensitive) or moisturizer after reaching to UK. This would save your baggage space for other important things.

Gadgets and accessories –
A few gadgets like iphone, laptop or camera would be some essentials that you might want to carry along. We would advise you to keep all these expensive luxuries in a hand-held bag to avoid possible damage. Don’t forget to keep charging adapters,battery banks and other important accessories of these gadgets.

First - aid and medication –
Keeping a small first aid kit with all your medication and emergency products would be extremely convenient for your journey. A terrible headache, high-fever or a stomach ache could be really frustrating on a holiday hence you should never miss out on packing these medicines.

Sleep kit
Sleeping on a flight could sound extreme inconvenience, so you should pack all these essentials before you step out of your home. Try to keep these essentials in a hand-held bag for easy access –

• Earplugs
• Sleep blindfolds
• Mosquito repellant

Take photocopies of your passport and other valuable documents - such as driving licence and travellers cheques keep them separately from the case being stolen or lost, this will come handy to replace it as soon as possible.

For Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Charge Cards - ensure you have the full contact details of the companies issuing the cards and keep a copy of the card details separately from the cards in the event of the cards being lost or stolen.

Take enough travel money for your trip - keep them safe, we recommend to share with your holiday members so that you dont loose everything together.

Tell relatives and/or friends of where you are going - with whom and for how long. Give a copy of your itinerary to them and ensure they have an emergency number to contact you on. Ensure you have the full contact details of your relatives and friends in case you need to contact them from abroad.

What packing mistakes you should avoid?
There are times when we tend to over pack; to pack efficiently you would wish to avoid these general packing mistakes –

• Don’t bring sharp manicure tools.
• Don’t go overboard with shoes – Just stick to a few essential yet comfortable options.
• Don’t forget to keep some empty storage bags, they could come really handy.
• Don’t forget your travel insurance.
• Don’t forget your passport and other important documents.

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