I can’t visit London as I don’t know how to speak English. I won’t be able to interact with local people, bus drivers, taxi drivers, hotel staff, and even with street hawkers in United Kingdom. I might get lost somewhere as I don’t understand English.

These are some of the negative thoughts which may come to someone’s mind who is willing to visit United Kingdom but doesn’t know how to speak English. But you shouldn’t let this fear comes in your way of travelling United Kingdom. Yes, it can be frustrating of not being able to communicate with locals but it can get cured easily as well.

Learn Communication Basics

You don’t need to be a Master in English language to visit United Kingdom. You just need to learn basic terms of communication with which you will be able to interact at basic level. Hello, Thank you, Please, Good Bye, are the basic words with which you can at least start learning English. You might not be able to understand the response but will be able to make local understand what you want, at least.

You should write down what is important throughout the tour such as name of cities/ towns, name of hotels, attractions you are planning to visit etc. This will help you while getting a taxi or bust to the destination.

Body Language

Body language can also be helpful in communication as it’s being an important part of communication for a long time. Hand gestures while speaking will help you a lot to get what you want. While ordering the food, you can tell the person what you want with hand gestures while pointing out the food item you need. While going somewhere, if taxi driver doesn’t understand what you are saying, writing and sketch will be helpful at that time.

Plan a Tour

Instead of going alone, you should book with a group tour. In group tour, you will always get people who speaks your local language and English as well. You will not need to being worried about anything as there will be people with whom you can go around. Your co-traveller can help you with each of the concern you come with during the tour.

It might looks like difficult to visit a country with different language but language should not be a reason for this fear. Basic communication words will make you talk with local at least a little. You might get a guide at historic place who speaks your local language and will help you out throughout the journey. It’s always fun to visit a different country and language should not be a barrier for not to visit.

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