First Trip To London - Tips For First Trip To London

First Time Travel to UK and Tips

Travelling to the UK (Discover more about London) for the first time or going to london for the first time or Tips for visiting London? Getting jitters or waves of excitement before visiting the most sought after destination in the world? Here is a list of things and tips you must keep in mind while in the UK to make your trip comfortable and memorable and to avoid any unwanted ruckus.

★ You must have a valid passport which must be valid for the duration of your stay in the UK. You must have a valid visa or work permit to come and stay in the UK.

★ You should learn a little bit about the cheap and the best transport facilities to reach your destination in London or any part of uk before you travel because you find limited transport service at night, it all depends on your landing at the airport. you can find more information on the Bus Guide, Train Guide, Taxi Guide, Coach Guide and  Airport Guide to make your journey smoother in London

 You must Learn more about local rules, laws (eg. Driving in the uk, Drinking Age) and customs to visit uk, it always comes handy and it is always better to have a fantastic trip to uk.

 In the UK shuffle buses, trains and underground run from the major airports to the centre of London. In London you can use buses or walk to venture out in the city. For quick transportation use underground but  try to avoid it at rush hours. It is recommended to purchase an Oyster card (combination of bus, underground and Docklands light railway pass) for use in Greater London it saves both money and time.

★ Local book stores are full of treasure books like local history books, and cycle and walking maps, so they are a must visit.

★ if you are going to do sightseeing in london, you can save more money by buying London Pass and you can find about london pass and what it is and where to buy it and benefits of London Pass.

 Jot down your country Embassy/High Commission details in uk, i.e. address and contact details, in case you need it whilst you are in uk.

★ If you hole a valid North American driving licence it would suffice in the UK and an international one will not be needed. In the UK, cars are driven on the left side of the road. 

★ All kinds of accommodations are available including hotels, guest houses, hostels etc; you may choose what suits you the best. In the villages B&B's are most prevalent and most B&B's accepts only cash.

★ Pounds are the legal tender in Britain, Euros in the country of Ireland. You must make sure that you have the required currency and have enough funds to survive in the UK. You must also check with your bank to know whether or not your card will work in the UK money withdrawal machines.

★ For information regarding the tourist attractions in a particular area, concerts, events, and directions use the local Tourists Information Centres (TIC). Some of these centres can also book a local B&B for the tourists.

★ In the UK the emergency police and ambulance number is 999.

★ If you have any health issues, please see on Travel Health tips and if you are disabled, please see on Disabled Travellers Tips to UK

★ August is the busiest month for tourism in the UK and many attractions are closed off season. Because of too much rush in the peak season it is advisable to book you accommodation well in advance.

★ You must carry your raingear as the weather is very unpredictable in Britain and carry your clothes according to the climate in uk.

★ make sure that you have adequate travel insurance which will cover you for the full length of your trip in uk. 

 you can get some overview and some ideas about uk on our travel videos pages and  you can check some videos about UK on our travel videos page.

 If you travelling within the European Union, make sure that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). this will help you  if any health problem occurs,it is highly recommended the EHIC be taken along with your full Travel Insurance.

 UK mains electricity is 230V, 50Hz AC, and plugs have three square pins ('Type G'). there for if you need to charge your mobile phones, laptops and ipads, please bring the correct adapters to charge and sometimes you will get charging converters at your accommodations like in hotels, apartments, hostels or you may have to buy it at some point, to confirm this you can contact your accommodation provider.

★  if you are a woman and you would like to know some travel tips, please se on Saftey and security on Women

★ If you are a uk visitor, do you know that you can claim back your 20% tax levied on goods and services from the airports when you depart, for more details please see on VAT Refunds for UK visitors.

Hope these tips are helpful and you enjoy your stay in the United Kingdom!!! and you can explore London Here to enjoy more in London.

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