Things Prohibited

Things Prohibited

Prohibited Items for Baggage

The following items are strictly prohibited from either hand or hold baggage

  • flammable materials e.g. lighter/heater fuels, petrol, paint, thinners, non-safety matches and fire lighters
  • offensive and irritating materials
  • poisons such as arsenic, weed killers and insecticides
  • oxidising materials such as lighter or heater fuels
  • etiologic agents (bacteria, viruses etc.)
  • oxygen and chemical oxygen generators.
  • firearms (please contact us if you have a requirement to carry a gun)
  • oxidising materials such as bleaches and peroxides
  • magnetised materials
  • radio-active materials
  • apparatus containing mercury may only be carried as cargo
  • cooking oil
  • compressed gases (flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) e.g. butane, and including culinary blowtorches, butane powered travel irons, camping or compressed gas cylinders, tear gas, mace or CS gas devices, butane powered gas curlers (prohibited unless a safety cover is supplied and is firmly in place) - separate re-fills are not allowed
  • corrosives, alkalis and wet cell batteries i.e. filled car batteries
  • explosives, fireworks, flares, toy gun caps, party poppers

Guns, firearms and weapons

Any object capable of being a weapon, dischargi...

Chemical and toxic substances

Chemicals that pose a risk to the health of pas...

The following items cannot be carried in your hand baggage

Including but not limited to:

  • corkscrews
  • darts
  • scissors with blades more than 6cm
  • <...

Blunt Instruments

Including but not limited to:

  • baseball and softball bats
  • clubs or batons
  • cricket bats