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You must have read about UK’s nightlife in the magazines, and weeklies, but, it’s an experience that one cannot explain in words alone. You have to see it to believe it! Yes, dear readers, UK has a tremendously rocking nightlife that is considered to be the best in this whole planet. From tipplers to those that love to shake their tooshies, to foodies and the lovers of fine dining, UK attracts all and offers you the best of times.

Q. Can we think of London as UK’s top nightlife destination?

Yes of course! London is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but will also spellbound you with its varied nightlife options. This fashionable city is dotted with hundreds of pubs, bars, restaurants and discotheques, all of which are honeypots for thousands of tourists. Some of the best known places where you can party till the wee hours in the night are Brick Lane and Soho, places that are classy and offer you a memorable experience. The city’s streets become all the more interesting once the night owls set their feet outside. Most of the pubs and bars here flaunt an old school look and are usually built inside old and unused factories. When speaking of London’s nightlife scene, one cannot help but mention about Pacha, a hip joint that would attract tipplers, looking for fun and dance. In case you are someone who is steadfast on enjoying live bands playing metal and funk, try out KOKO.  For an amazing night out experience that’s dominated by the rhythmic playing of drums, you must head towards Fabric.

Q. Avoid problems at night?

Nightlife in London is always fun, only if you know the rules to follow. There are some areas specially east London  which must be avoided but most of the central London is safe at night, as you know it is better to avoid very late night, Luckily,at night these places are difficult to wander, as you can make out a visible distinction between rough and safe zones. Street lights with poor working signs and fewer people wandering around those streets are some signs of “red flags.”

Most of the restaurants are open till 12 pm. So, if you are planning for a dinner, you should book for the tables accordingly. For traveling over there, you can rent a car or hire services of a taxi driver from your hotel or any accommodation. There are some buses available too but not very often, but if you want to stay back until 11 pm, then you should have a comforting car, waiting just outside the restaurant. Explore more about London 

Q. Is Edinburgh a night owls paradise?

If you are a new comer to UK, and are looking for some nice and cool night joints, come to Edinburgh, a place that will make your jaws drop with its multitude of bars, pubs and nightlife joints. It’s a city that lives 24/7 and is visited in thousands during New Year’s. Some noteworthy places to help you lighten up your mood are The Caves, Bongo Club, Whistle binkies and Liquid Room. The names sound a tad odd but are places that will offer you many thrills of enjoying fabulous beverages, good music, drums and loads of merry making with friends. Of all these places, it’s the Bongo Club that looks pretty unique because it’s a one of a kind place where people perform musical acts and comical gigs.

Q. If searching for an awesome musical experience, can one forget Liverpool?

As it’s already a known fact, Liverpool is the home of the famous British Band Beatles, and attracts thousands of tourists that come here to enjoy its vivid nightlife. The most famous place here definitely has to be Ye Cracke. For a Latino boozing experience, hop towards Alma de Cuba, while, for enjoying live performances by musicians, visit Cavern Club. The beautiful streets of Liverpool with people walking past you, will make you nostalgic about ‘The Golden 50’s and the 60’s’.

Q. Which county can be regarded as a party hub in eastern England?

Well, it has to be Essex for this pleasing county is a hidden gem in the eastern part of England, a place that assures revellers fun times when they visit it. With hundreds of clubs and bars dotting the streets here, who can leave without getting wasted a little? So, if you are planning to hit a few of these happening spots, jot down these famous places that we are going to list below.

1. For tipplers that want to go crazy boozing: If you like to party hard and get a high, then march straight towards Baroosh Bar, or Sugar Hut. The booze and the babes will make you swirl with ecstasy and will make your night memorable.

2. For the clubbers who are looking for some affordable partying: Clubbing in Essex can be lot of fun , especially for young students that are always low on budget, but are still desirous of enjoying a night out. Head towards Chelmo, or Luxe, orEvoke to get floored.

Q. What is special about Brighton’s nightlife?

Of all the towns and hamlets in Britain, why would anyone come to Brighton, a place less familiar with many? Well, the place is not what appears in your imagination, but is actually a happening party place, a Mecca for club goers and bars. The place is lined up with some famous clubs such as Concorde 2 and Coalition. Most of these joints offer great music along with good food and drinks.

Q. Which place in UK seems to be the most frequented by students that love to party?

Of all the amazing places in and around UK, the name of Leeds first comes to our minds as far as the above question is concerned. A very affordable place, Leeds attracts mostly young students that come here to enjoy parties and music at cost effective prices. For an awesome night out with friends, you can visit any one of these amazing places such as Oceana, and some well-known bars like Milo and Mooks. Most of these joints offer discounts and student nights when entry is free along with food and drinks.

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