Things To Do in London, UK.

Things to Do

When you happen to be in Great Britain, you don't forget to explore more about London, you just let yourself loose and on the go! Yes, UK is a destination that doesn’t let you sit idle even for a second as there are hundreds of fabulous things to explore and do. If you are a student, the country will offer you scope to indulge yourselves in excellent nightlife and partying. If you are a family, then you can expect to be entertained with state of the art family trips and holidays. For romantics, UK has many a cool spots where one can spend intimate times with partners. So, let’s shed some light on some of the most spectacular things to do here.Check out the free london attractions and things to do in london

Q.What to do if you are a history buff looking for some insight into the glorious past?

UK has great many sights of historical importance, and there are a wide number of options available to every traveller who is interested in knowing history. The first place that is coming to our minds is the very beautiful and awe inspiring Stonehenge. Considered to be one of UK’s most popular gems, the Stonehenge lies mystified till today. The sight has undergone a massive makeover and this has resulted in catapulting tourist arrivals to Britain. The best time to visit Stonehenge is at dawn when the sun rises and casts its golden shadows on the gigantic stones. Most people come here to experience its mysteries aura that surrounds it from all the quarters.

Another major sight that keeps history buffs on tenterhooks is the great Hadrian’s Wall. A World Heritage Site, the sight is still regarded as one of the greatest historical marvels of the Roman Empire. Hadrian’s Wall is encapsulated in UK’s northern part of the hilly region that includes Moorland too.

Comesnext in our list is the magnificent Westminster Abbey, a monument that will mesmerise you with its opulent and majestic architecture. It’s a revered place for religious people but is equally visited by those that are looking towards knowing Britain’s past glory.
Q. What are the things that one can do for pleasure purposes?

There are no dearth of entertainment options when you come to Britain as the country is swept with hundreds of places that can offer fun and good times to tourists. For the night club lovers, there is the famous Kensington Roof Gardens that is spread over 0.6 hectares of land carpeted with green and lavishly landscaped gardens and houses beautiful and elegant flamingos.

Counted among some of Britain’s most eccentric places, Jekyll & Hyde can be considered the craziest. It’s a bar cum pub themed on the popular character of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Its interiors will spellbind you along with its crazy menu that offers various cocktails in cans and teapots.

For those folks that love drinking, there is a pub called City Barge, which according to old lore, was the refuge point of Cromwell. The place looks Gothic and is a must to be tried.

Regarded as among the best places to dine in Britain is Sky Pod, a plush restaurant cum pub located high in the building called Sky Garden. It’s situated on level 35 and offers great panoramicviews of the scenery around. The open air terrace garden offers you a delectable choice of cuisines and drinks.

Q. What activities can one engage in, while here?

If you are hell bent on making the most of your stay in Britain, then you have to acquire the famed London Pass that will make sure you enjoy sightseeing like never before.With this pass, you can make your entry free in some of the most spectacular places like Westminster Abbey and London Tower.
UK cannot be understood better than when you are present to watch the majestic and most popular ceremony -changing of the guards. You have to take time out exploring the city of London in one day and this includes visiting places like tower of London, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The changing of the guard’s ceremony can be watched in the evening at the entrance of the famous Buckingham Palace. Other attractions include talking a cruise along Thames River and watching the sun set. 

Q. What are some of the most interesting shopping places in England?

If you are a lover of antique stuff, head towards Camden Passage Market, the streets of which are dotted with vintage shops and boutiques selling curios and souvenirs of antique style. Counted as one of the most interesting markets of Britain, the 19th century built Old SpitalfieldsMarketattractsmany visitors looking for purchasing antique stuff and good street food. Another hidden gem of Britain is the popular Broadway Market that is a place for all that are a bit artistic and suave. The stores here sell everything ranging from antique clothing, decorative pieces, food, books and records.

Q. Can one enjoy some fabulous events while holidaying in UK?

Yes, because the country always seems to be immersed in some sort of fiesta or the other. Among the top rated events here is the famous Notting Hill Carnival that colours the streets in the month of August. It’s a street festival that sees hundreds of processions including dancers belonging to the Africana andCaribbeancommunities.

If you happen to be a person that loves to take risks, then head towards Cooper’s Hill that becomes the venue for a risky sport of rolling cheese. Yes, the event sees local people making a dash down the hill to get a piece of cheese. The sport is very dangerous as many injure themselves acquiring the mouth-watering piece of cheese.

UK is notorious for hosting musical extravaganzas, one of which is probably the most popular. It’s called the Reading Festival, held at Reading and attracts thousands of music lovers from across the globe. The main attraction in this fest is rock where you can enjoy listening to fabulous punk and others.

It’s not just festivals related to music and carnivals that attracts one to UK. For those souls that love water sports, there is the famous event called Torbay Week, a competitive event for sailors that participate in large numbers. Held annually every August, this competition includes sail races, dinghy racing and yachting.

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