General Travel inquiries FAQ

General Travel inquiries FAQ

I want to take my pet overseas. How do I find out about pet passports?

If you hope to carry pets, you have to arrange it in advance. Because the space is limited.  Chargers for travelling pets is vary based on the length of journey, weight and the required size of the container.  

Heathrow animal reception center collects the pets which you carry.The pets arriving and transiting through Heathrow airport should be approved by Heathrow animal reception center. And also should be consonant with the Pet Travel Scheme. And inform it to the Heathrow animal reception center at least 72 hours before you leave. 

How long do I need to check in before my flight is due to depart?

At least two hours before the scheduled departure time, you should be checked-in. The airline ticket or the documents which are gained from travel agent include the check-in opening times and other instruction. 

What are the visa requirement for entry in to the UK?

Requirements are vary based on the country of residence, nationality, reason for depart, duration and the country of departure.So, check that you have the necessary documents and permissions. 

What foods can I bring in to the UK?

Banned products and the products which exceed the allowed amount to carry are illegal to bring and in case of carrying those illegal products, you may be liable to prosecution.

My passport has been lost or it has expired

Refer the web site called Identity and Passport Service. It assists for you to know further instructions on getting a replacement. The local police and the relevant British consulate/high commission or embassy should be reported as soon as you lose the passport while overseas. In case of losing the passport of foreign nationals while they are in UK, local police and the embassy should be informed. 

Why do I contact if I have lost something at the airport?

Lost property office should be contacted in case of losing your properties. If you lost something while you are on the aircraft, contact the airline directly. 

Where can I find floor plans of the airport?

The web site contains the airport information pages which include the maps of the airport. The airport provides you the printed pocket guides which include floor plans of the airport. Those can be taken from the information desks or freestanding displays. 

How do I find my gate number?

Check the flight information screens and the announcements when you arrive at the departure lounge. One hour before of your departure information screens are posted the gate numbers.

Where can I sleep in the terminal?

Passengers who intend to depart from terminal 3, are entitled to book bed rooms in the No.1 traveler lounge. That is located in departure lounge. Passengers can book rooms for two or more than two hours. It is opened from 04:00 to 22:30.There are also nearby hotel which facilitate for the passengers to stay at night.

When I change my flights at Heathrow why should I go through security again?

Although once you have already been through security checks at another airport, you have again to be checked when you depart from Heathrow airport. 

Can I take baby bag together with the hand bag?

You have to confirm it with your airline before you fly. 

Can I carry liquid baby food, prepared milk, soya milk, rice milk through security?

Reasonable amount of liquid and liquidized food for the baby can be carried. 

How do you measure the security queues?

Although it is done manually, Heathrow use facial biometrics from camera as a queue measurement solution. All those information has been stored securely and after measuring the security, those are destroyed. 

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