Things to do at the Heathrow airport for your spare time

Things to do at the Heathrow airport for your spare time

Things to do at the Heathrow airport for your spare time (like surfing web, coffee shops, restaurants etc.) You had better to eat, before you going through the security or better to eat in public areas. And also, cafes close to the arrival gates can be found. Those cafes assist the travelers who are waiting for the delayed flights too.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has several restaurants. 

• In the public area, a Garfunkels, ‘children friendly’ Pub can be seen. 

• Garfunkels has a huge range of foods from excellent salad bar, and non-themed food too.

• The restaurant lies in mezzanine level of terminal 1 above the departures. 

Terminal 2

• The eateries are available in the public areas.

• Pizza Express can be seen on Terminal 2.

• And also ‘relaxing children-friendly pub’ can be found.


• Garfunkels, an Indian and a Harry Ramsdens can be found on terminal 3.

Terminal 4

• Terminal 4 is poor in cafe bars. So, if you need to eat something, take a train to Terminal 1. 


• There are pay-phone type terminals which allow more in sending emails. 


Several restaurants are there to serve for the travelers.

• Bridge

• Caffe Nero

• Cafe Apostrophe

• Café Rouge

• Caviar House Oyster Bar

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