British Heritage

British Heritage

A land of world famous landmarks, the Great Britain consists of some beautiful countryside’s, unspoiled villages, historical palaces and phenomenal country houses. A sovereign state in the Europe, England also features some ancient castles, derbies, and interesting traditions.

During the Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain was recognized for blistering development of the industrialization and was called the ‘workshop of the world’.  However, this industrial past still plays a massive role in other industries such as tourism, at present. The British Heritage attracts enormous amount of tourists from all over the world.

Before the invention of planes, trains or cars, the barges were a vital mode of transportation through the canals and rivers. They were used to carry the coal to the factories and distribute products all over the country.  However currently, these canal boats are mostly used for leisure with most of them being reinvented as cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

Steam trains have also been closely linked with the British heritage. Even in the English literature it has been highlighted especially in poems such as ‘Night Mail’ by W.H. Auden. These trains replaced the barges and became a significant symbol of England’s industrial past. Although the steam trains are not in use anymore, they still play huge role in the development of country’s tourism. At present a massive amount of these trains are to be seen in the National Railway Museum in York, England and they are been repaired virtually every day making sure they could still be operated properly and of course safely.

The uniqueness of the culture, the historic sites of the country has been one of the major reasons why tourists visit England. In the City of York is the York Castle near to which the visitors could step into the ‘The Shambles’, an old street allows the tourists to relive in the old Britain.  It is an ancient market stall consists of some stunning timber-framed buildings dating back to the 14th century.

A naturally beautiful country, the Great Britain comprised of some sensational stone circles which are considered as a wonder of the world. This Stonehenge has motivated number of historians and poets who have had different imaginations which were included in their respective work. Among the most picturesque stone circles in the country are the Arbor Law in Derbyshire, Castlerigg in Cumbria, Stanton Drew in Somerset, Ring of Brodgar in Orkney and Avebury Circle in Wiltshire.

Neolithic houses in England are another very eye-catching feature of the British heritage. These houses were built during the Stone Age and the visitors are allowed to roam around the houses. This has been a quite popular place among the tourists visit the country since it gives them a real sight of how people lived 4500 years ago.

Windsor Castle in the Berkshire in England in another must-visit places in the country. Built by the William the Conqueror in the 11th Century and is still admired for its architecture. Like the Liberty Statue for United States, like the Eiffel Tower to France, Big Ben offers similar sort of value to England. Located in the Westminster in London, ‘Big Ben’ is the nick name for the Great Bell of the clock in the Elizabeth Tower which was built in 1856.

Premier League football team Newcastle United may be hosting their matches in St. James’ Park in Newcastle, but the St. James’s Park in Westminster, London is one of the most beautiful places in the country with a two small islands inside the Park with a little lake.

The Great Britain is also consisted of some wonderful mountains such as Scafell Pike in Cumbria, Skiddaw in Keswick Town, Great Gable in Cumbria, Cross Fell in North Pennines, Pillar in Cumbria, Fairfield in Lake District, Blencathra in Cumbria

Yorkshire Dales in North Pennines is a stunning part of the England which was created in 1954. This attracts huge amount of tourists for the country and it has been found that 75% of the visitors are sightseers while 65% prefer walking around as well.

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