Unusual Trips

Unusual Trips

In London there are many quirky, cool and unusual places to visit. From buses to river cruises, one can find all kinds of unusual tours in London. A place of many oddities, these tours will give you an experience to a brighter side of rather charming and sophisticated London.

Check out the capitals best kept odd secrets.

The Old Operating theater – It is an 18th and 19th century collection of surgical relics. It gives a vision of how doctors used to perform surgeries back then. This theater has a collection of unusual herbs, potions, rusty instruments, and much more. It is one of the most unusual museums in London and also consists of an old rustic Operating Table.

Highgate Cemetery –you can visit the east cemetery during business hours and can book for a guide tour for west cemetery afterwards. Overgrown, atmospheric and beautiful, Highgate Cemetery, is famous burial ground of people like Karl Marx, George Elliot, Douglas Adamsand Michael Faraday.This Cemetery has stunning architectural memorials like the Egyptian Avenue.

The Royal Observatory – It is located in Greenwich where the GMT is zero. It is a place where people can be is past, present and future in the same time. There are things like super accurate atomic clocks, telescopes of famous astronomers also many curious objects. People come here mostly to click a picture with one foot in east and one foot in west.

Thames Barrier –This is a mammoth man made barrier which can be raised to save central London from high tides. This has enormous gates and most of the tourists prefer boat rides. It’s located in downstream Central London. It’s a $500 million barrier inaugurated by the Queen in 1984. There is also an exhibition and a working scale model.

Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge –The Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge gives you the chance to be a Tudor for a day. Learn cooking or try crossbow. It’s on Chingford. It’s now a free museum. It was built in 16th century and is extensively restored.

Hunterian Museum –It has collection of body parts! You will find human tracts, horse’s digestive parts, (attend at own risk!). It is a museum of Anatomy and Pathology where specimens are kept in glass jars.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour - This guided walk around the spooky streets of East London delves into one of the world's most famous unsolved murders that took place in 1888. This gruesome trail is not for the feint at heart. It is a guided tour with professional guides. If one is a fan of mysteries then one can uncover the mysteries of Whitechapel murder, still the greatest unsolved mystery.

London Ghost Bus Tour – This tour will take you to the scariest and spooky parts of London, with great theatrical experience. It will take you to West End Theaterland, Tower Bridge and more frightful parts of London. It has the best comedy horror show in town with free guide book!

London night bus tour – Places like Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly, and Trafalgar square look more alive in darker shades. See London in a whole new light with panoramic view for 1 hour and 45 mins marking London’s most remarkable regions and landmarks. As dusk falls, London is bathed in a floodlit splendor. Audio guides are also available in different languages.

Treehouses and Hobbit Houses – treehouses are fun and bespoke extension to your home and garden. Every person has a dream to build and live in a tree house, now imagine your dream come true. There are incredible treehouses in Wales, which are pretty much booked up in spring. Some are even so popular that they are even booked up to October. It’s a way of getting back to nature without slumming it and people have had magical, cozy and romantic experience. On the other hand Hobbit Hut is a perfect option for those who want to get away from a busy lifestyle but on a budget. Lord of Rings fans love staying in Hobbit Huts. It can range up to $40 for four guests, an absolute bargain, and a really unusual place to stay.

Start your unusual adventure with these quirky London attractions. Visit these places for a change as London is not just about the changing of the guards in Buckingham palace or Madame Tussauds or London eye.

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