Sports and Outdoors

Sports and Outdoors


The United Kingdom is the birth place of a range of major international sports including cricket, rugby, football, badminton, golf, table tennis, squash, hockey, boxing so on and so forth. Many sporting events take place at major stadiums such as Wembley Stadium in London and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Local governments and private companies provide sports facilities such as swimming pools, football pitches,  tennis courts, dry ski slopes and gymnasiums.

Some of the most popular sports in the UK are:

• Football is one of the most popular sport and some of UK's football teams are very famous all around the world, most famous among them are Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. It has a long history in the UK and the first professional football clubs were formed in the late 19th century. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have separate leagues in which clubs representing different towns and cities compete. The English Premier League attracts a huge audience from all across the world. Each country in the UK also has its own national team that competes with other national teams across the world in tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEAFA European Football Championships.

• Cricket, the national game of England is no less popular and is acknowledged worldwide. The idiosyncratic nature of this game and its complex laws are said to reflect the best of the British character and sense of fair play. The most famous competition is the Ashes, which is a series of Test matches played between England and Australia.

• Rugby union and rugby league both originated in the UK in the early 19th century and is very popular till today. In ancient times this sport was played only by the elite class of people but in the modern times it has become a game of the masses. The most famous rugby union competition is the Six Nation Championship between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy. The Super League is the most well-known rugby league competition.

• Major individual sports include golf, athletics, cycling, motorsports and horse racing. During the two weeks of THE WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS, Tennis becomes the highest profile sport, but otherwise it is struggling to hold its own in the country of its birth.

Some of the most popular Games in the UK are:

United Kingdom is one of the best countries for the games also and in the country people love drinking and enjoying food everyday, as you are a visitor to the country, enjoy the same as the british also, the british people love playing games such as ice skating, billiards, snookers, darts, bowling games, playing in the parks and many more.and most of games are played at the pubs in the uk such as snookers,darts,etc... therefor why not you enjoy as wel.



It may come as some surprise that the green and pleasant land of the UK offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor adventure. The options for outdoor activities in the UK is vast as the word 'bored' does not exist here. For the much needed adrenalin rush try these activities when in the UK and rejuvenate your senses:

Monkey around in the New Forest, Hampshire:  Be attached to a wire above the ground to let your inhibitions go and feel like a big kid again. Get your self ready for a thrilling forest adventure and let the Tarzan in you unwind himself.
Snorkelling off the Isles of Scilly or Lundy Islands: Most local boat companies in the Isles of Scilly will take you out to see the resident seals, basking on dark isolated rocks or bobbing about in the sea . Alternatively, Island sea safaris offer two-hour boat trips and if you want to snorkel, they’ll see to your needs.
                                                                                                                                                            Formed by an ancient volcano, Lundy Island's surrounding waters are a marine nature reserve, and one of the best dive wreck sites in Britain. Snorkelling safaris and walks are conducted by an Island Warden, mostly free of charge, for the benefit of those interested in discovering more about the island’s wealth of flora and fauna.

See an island from the air in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight: High Adventure will help you take off to experience the thrills and spills of this exciting adventure sport whilst feasting on breathtaking views of land and sea. Enjoy the view that most visitors to the Isle of Wight miss every year by seeing it from the skies on a paragliding trip.

Rock climbing: A two-and-a-half-mile stretch of Gritstone crags, set amid the rolling hills of the Peak District, Stanage Edge is legendary among the climbing community.

There are numerous other outdoor activities including caving, quad biking, wakeboarding , river tubing and many others that will make your trip to the UK worthwhile.

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