Wedding and Ceremony

Wedding and Ceremony

“Marriages are made in heaven”, this cliché sentence have been heard many times. Well, in London marriages are made by two words “I DO”. London host some of the most extravagant and spectacular weddings.The most celebrated and most expensive wedding of all times was the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton. The best man and the maid of honor were Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton respectively. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey for a whopping 64 million dollars. The wedding embraced all the British traditions.

SPRING AND SUMMER are the times which is most popular for wedding, as the clear sky and warm weather helps the most. London’s parks and gardens are decorated in different colors. People opt from theme weddings to classic traditional weddings. The host has to book venues, flowers, caterers, photographers, clothes hire and the list goes on. People can get married from London’s most luxurious hotels to local pubs to different venues.

London is filled to the brim with beautiful, elegant and unusual wedding venues. There is no restriction on where to declare your love. If one doesn’t have acrophobia then they can opt for a wedding in the capsule on London Eye. People hire the capsule and decorate it with flowers and ribbons. This type of wedding can cost from £2000 and above. An additional capsule for guest can costup to £200. Some people get married under water, hanging midair, or in a plane.
Listed are some of the most famous wedding venues.

BETJEMAN ARMS KING’S CROSS – This is a pub in the heart of central London. This venue allows one to conduct a wedding in the reception for 100 guests. If it a grand wedding of 500 then one can include the 2 private dining area including the whole venue. If you need to find the contact details Please click on this link. 

WESTMINSTER ABBEY – For thousand years, the Abbey has hosted many events including royal weddings, crowning ceremony, proclamations and christening. But only royal family members, Order of the Bath members and their children and anyone living in the Abbey’s precincts. If you need to find the contact details Please click on this link.

CHANDOS HOUSE – it is Georgian townhouse with a garden just off the Oxford Street, having seventeen bedrooms and a license for civil ceremony. It is one of the most idyllic wedding venues in London. It can hold up to 80 ceremonies and 110 receptions. If you need the find to contact details Please click on this link.
WILTON MUSIC HALL – The oldest music hall and a perfect spot for east London weddings. It is perfect combination of charm and elegance. Wedding, reception, and rehearsals can be conducted in the auditorium with a capacity of 100-300 people. If you need to find the contact details Please click on this link. 

TRINITY BUOY WHARF – London’s only light house wedding venue. Trinity Buoy Wharf also provides a unique opportunity for guest to arrive by boat. It can hold up to 600 guests depending upon the function. If you need the find to contact details Please click on this link.

THE SAATCHI GALLERY – This has a capacity of 300 guests.The grandeur of the old Duke of York military headquarters and the refurbished contemporary art space of minimal lines and white walls is the perfect backdrop for art loving couples who want a blank canvas with an edge for their wedding day. It is a contemporary art space of high caliber. Located in the heart of Chelsea on the King’s Road. If you need to find to contact details Please click on this link.

DRAPERS HALL - A wedding in Drapers Hall looks like a wedding held in Oscar ceremony, magnificent painted ceilings and sumptuous furnishings and a superb courtyard and gardens which are the perfect backdrop for photographs. It can hold 270 for a sitting wedding breakfast or a 700 standing reception. Located in the heart of City of London. It has elegant staterooms and gardens. If you need to find the contact details Please click on this link.

An average wedding in United Kingdom can cost up to £25000. If one wants much cheaper weddings then they can opt for a club or a garden wedding. Also, British weddings don’t happen in the back garden.

Q- What if I am thinking about getting married in UK?

A-As far as the bureaucratic aspect of marriage in the UK is concerned, there are several things to take into account. Firstly, celebrating your marriage in the UK is dependent on your nationality. If you are a foreigner with immigrant status (aka “subject to immigration control”), you have to jump an extra hurdle or two, e.g. for a UK visa. As a British citizen or a national of an EEA country, you simply have to check if you fulfill all legal requirements for a valid marriage in the UK, decide between a religious ceremony and a secular wedding, and give official notice in advance. There are minor regional differences for marriage in the UK, with regulations varying between England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We will try to point out such regional peculiarities below.

Q- Does UK have same sex marriage?

A- If you are in a same-sex relationship and would like to get hitched in Britain, same-sex marriage in the UK used to be impossible. For this reason, the Civil Partnership Act of 2004 was passed. It applies to the entire UK, allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into a civil partnership. In most aspects, though not in all, a civil partnership is similar to a secular heterosexual marriage in the UK.However, in July 2013, the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act received Royal Assent. This means that it is now binding law and will probably come into force in the course of 2014. So far, the law applies to England and Wales only. A similar act is still being discussed in Scotland’s Parliament, while Northern Ireland remains opposed to same-sex marriage. Civil partnerships are valid everywhere in the UK, though.

Q- What legal things are required to get married in UK?

A-If you have British citizenship or are a citizen from a country within the European Economic Area (including Switzerland) who is currently residing in the UK, preparing your wedding is not that difficult. Just take the following steps prior to your civil partnership ceremony or marriage in the UK.Please make sure that all the legal requirements for a binding marriage in the UK (or a civil partnership) apply to you:

• You and your partner should be 18 years of age or older.

• Persons aged 16 to 18 need written permission from their parents or their guardian before they can enter into a civil partnership / marriage in the UK. However, this written permission is unnecessary for a marriage ceremony performed in Scotland.

• You and your partner may not be related by consanguinity, affinity, or adoption. This means, among other things, that a person is unable to get married to / become a civil partner of a sibling, a parent, a former partner’s child, or an adopted parent.

• If you and/or your partner were previously married or in a civil partnership, you need to have proof that all such former relationships were legally ended by death, divorce, dissolution, or annulment.

• Both you and your partner understand the consequences, rights, and responsibilities of a marriage / civil partnership and willingly consent to it.

Q- What process take place at the Register OFFICE?

Once you have given notice of your wedding plans, you should contact the register office or any other officially licensed venue where you want to have the ceremony. For the wedding, you need two witnesses aged 16 or older.While the ceremony for a secular marriage in UK or a civil partnership must not include any religious content, you can talk to the official performing the ceremony beforehand. They will help you and your partner to include personal speeches, individual wedding vows, or other elements unique to your wedding day.The secular ceremony for marriage in UK also requires paying a fee. It may amount to as little as £45 or as much as £180, according to the respective region and the day of the week. Sunday weddings in Northern Ireland are apparently the most expensive. For your marriage / civil partnership certificate, you then have to pay another small fee. Now your marriage in the UK will be legal and binding.

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