Special assistance at Heathrow

Special assistance at Heathrow

Heathrow airport provides the special facilities for the person who are disable. 

• Ramp

• Wheel chair height accessible telephone service

• Toilet facilities for the disabled person

• In the check-in areas, disabled are provided the special reserved seats.

• Large number of pathways for accessing.

Wi-Fi and internet

In each Terminal Wi-Fi facility is available. It is free for 45 minutes. The members of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty program are entitled to use another 45 minutes free. It is essential to pay for the additional time.

Terminal 2

The seating areas of the departure Lounge on Level 5 and  seating areas of Terminal 2B close to B44 and B46 gates has been provided the internet facility.

Terminal 3

Level 1 departure log and arrivals has been provided the internet facility.

Terminal 4

Mezzanine level of Check-in, the seating areas of the Departure Lounge are also provided the internet facility.

Terminal 5

In terminal 5 several internet kiosks are available.

• Check in area

• Terminal 5B

• Terminal 5C

• Departures area

Travelling with kids

Heathrow airport provides the facilities for the children to be entertained.

Terminal 2

• Stay and play area in the departure lounge.

• Stay and play area in the Terminal 2.

• Special rolling programs are arranged and those are visited the popular children’s cartoon characters.

Terminal 3

• There are two family Lounge areas at terminal 3. One is for the children who are greater than 2 years. Others for the children between 3 to 9 years. 

• A game zone is also there.

• A kids’ quiet room.

Terminal 4

• Stay and play area which is dedicated for the children aged 0 to 9.

Terminal 5

Stay and play area which is dedicated for the children aged 0 to 9.

Terminal Facilities

Bag Rapping

To prevent the bags, backpacks, suitcases, boxes and carry-on luggage from accidental openings, seal them with a tamper-proof plastic film. It charges £10.50 per bag.

Baggage delivery

Baggage delivery facility is provided and ensures the safety of the bags. Due to a loss of Damage of baggage pay £10,000.

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