Airport lounges and Facilities at Heathrow

Airport lounges and Facilities at Heathrow

Airport lounges allowto arrange the meetings as the place is a quit space to work. The place is ideal to have complimentary drinks, snacks, magazines and newspapers.

Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminals 2 and Terminal 4

Facilities available 

• Private relaxation rooms

• Spa facilities

• Luxurious shower rooms

• Relaxation area with beds

• Bar facility

• Selection of foods

Servisair Executive Lounge in Terminal 3

Facilities available 

• Facilities such as phone, Internet, Fax, Computer points

• Television facility

• Comfortable chairs are available

• Alcoholic and soft drink facilities

• Tea, coffee and snacks

• Newspapers and Magazines

SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4

• Bar facility

• Wi-Fi availability

• Business area

• Beauty center 

• Complimentary foods and drink

• Showers

• Newspapers and magazines

Duty Free Shopping

Shopping outlets with free of paying national taxes and duties ensure the ultimate airport shopping experience. Consist of more than 17 000 products like cosmetics, fragrances, confectionery, fashion accessories,champagne, sunglasses,skincare, fine foods, fine wines, cigars and tobacco over a great price. 

Security and customs

Hand Baggage

• Only 2 hang bags can be brought to the aircraft.

• Those must not be exceeded56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

• The liquid containers which are carried should not exceed 100ml.

Banned Items

• Sharp items over 6 cm are not allowed to take into the aircraft.

• Gases, poisons,oxidizers, hazardousandcorrosives like chemical materials are prohibited to take.

• Fireworks

• Mercury containing instruments are also not allowed to bring.

Cash facilities

• ATMs are available in each terminal before and after security controls. 

• In arrivals and departures of all the terminals, currency exchange facility is available. 

• UK bank and building society cards are accepted without additional chargers.

• Major credit cards are also accepted.

The airport consistsof total 80 ATMs. 

Communication facilities

Terminals are provided the facilities like internet, telephone and post. Wi-Fi facility is available in each terminals.

Terminal 2

Telephones are available in the entrance of Check-in on level 5 and Terminal 2B.

Postal box can be seen on Level 5 Check-in and on Level 5 departures. 

Terminal 3

Telephones are available in the entrance of Ground level Check-in, in the Level 1 Check-in and Level 1 Departure Lounge. 

Post office is in Level 1 Check-in.

Terminal 4

Phones are available in check-in on Level 2 and the mezzanine. And also Departure Lounge on Level 2 has telephone facility. Apart from that, phones are available on arrivals and baggage claim areas of terminal 4. 

Post box facility is in the departure lounge. 

Terminal 5

Terminal 5 contains a lot of telephones in arrivals and departures. The facilities include, telephones to access for the wheel chairs, text phones to the people of poor hearing. 

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