Mobile & Communications

Mobile & Communications

Q- What are the mobile networks available in the United Kingdom?

A- In the UK mobile phones are now an unavoidable part of day to day life. The UK mobile phone networks are some of the world's best ,providing innovative services and lucrative monthly and pay as you go tariffs and calls, mobile data and text message allowances. They also provide nationwide coverage for 2G, 3G and now 4G too. There are six main network providers in the UK:

• Vodafone
• O2
• EE
• T-Mobile
• Orange
• Three(3)

Apart from these main providers there are some 'virtual' providers too that buy airtime from the main providers and then operate their own services. Virgin Media, giffgaff and Tesco Mobile are some virtual networks.

Q- How to buy a mobile sim card in London?

A- Despite a few takeovers and mergers in recent times, buying a sim card service in London as a traveller is too easy to find. From dedicated shops on high streets to tiny convenience stores, all will be readily selling SIM cards and recharges to top up the phone credit, which is often a very straightforward process. Get in to one of such stores and get a sim with your chosen plan in about minutes. The salesperson might or might not ask from your identification proof. It is recommended though to carry your passport or any other travel identification with you, just in case you need it.  You can top up your phone credits by buying recharge vouchers from the stores.

Q- Can you use your country's mobile phone with your country's sim card in the UK?

A- The UK operates on a GSM mobile network. So if you are coming from the countries that use GSM network your mobile should probably work in the UK, either as a roaming service using you country's sim card, or by using a local UK sim card. For a GSM phone you need to check whether your mobile is unlocked as some mobiles are network- specific. Fortunately, if your phone is not locked all you need is a UK sim card. Whereas if you are coming from North America or other countries that probably has CDMA phones, they will not work in the UK.
 Q- Can you use WIFI hotspots free of charge in the UK?

A- Many commercial premises like hotels, coffee shops etc offers free WIFI to their paying customers through big networks like THE CLOUD or O2 WIFI in the UK. If you are a BT broadband or BT mobile customer , you are fortunate to use BT's various WIFI hotspots around the UK. BT WIFI can be found at shopping centres, Starbucks, Hilton hotel etc. O2 WIFI are found in the places like McDonalds , Costa coffee and various pubs and is wonderfully free for everyone. Access to Virgin Media WIFI is also free for customers of Virgin Media broadband, Virgin Mobile, EE, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, O2, and Three.   It doesn't matter if you're using a smartphone , laptop or tablet as long as it's WIFI enabled, you can get online in public.

Q- What are the branded and famous mobile phone shops in London?

A- Some of the famous  mobile shops in London are:

• Apple Store in Convent Garden.
• CeX in Fitzrovia.
• The Carphone Warehouse in Strand; South Kensington ;Mayfair and in many other places across London.
• 3 Store in Angel, Iislington and Bloomsbury.
• The Nokia Store in Mayfair.
• O2 in Fitzrovia ;Holborn and many other places across London.
• Vodafone Store in Camden Town; The City ; The Brunswick and many other places across London.

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