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British Weather

Let’s just say one thing when describing about British weather- its unpredictable! Yes, dear travellers, United Kingdom is gifted with varying kinds of climates that range from spring, summer, winter and autumn. But, unlike in other countries where you know what to expect in each climate, here, you can be rest assured of surprises waiting for you that may seem a little inconvenient, if you are not prepared. Hence, itsadvised that you do some research on British weather prior to visiting this beautiful country.

Q. What are the main seasons?

The climate of UK can broadly be classified into four main categories. These would include: spring, summer, winter and autumn.

Q. How is spring season in UK and can one really have the best of times exploring the city in such a season?

Come spring and you will notice that the weather is cool and almost dry, though, at times you can be welcomed with snowfall. Yes, like mentioned above, the weather conditions here are a bit unpredictable and this is what makes it necessary that you always carry some woollen stuff with you. The spring season begins in March and lasts till May. Sometimes, these months can often become unbearable in the daytime when the sun reaches its peak. However, you will enjoy the cool and serene nights once you bid adieu to the scorching sun. If recent weather trends are to be seen, you might even find yourself right in the middle of heavy snowfalls. This trend has continued this year too. So, if you are planning to arrive here during spring, come a little later, towards the end of March when the weather is perfect for outings.

Q. How are the summers in UK?

It’s a saying that when you are in UK, you are never too sure when the godly rains shower on you! This is what you will find in summers too. The warm season lasts from June and continues till August. You can expect the temperature to reach upto 32°C to 49°C in the month of August with pleasant showers to keep you cool. But of all the months, these three are considered to be the driest and are perfect for touristic activities.

Q. How is autumn and what to expect in this season?

The start of autumn in UK means one has to start preparing for cold winters. The season begins from September and lasts till November that records an average of 83.5 mm rains. However, it is also the season when tourists can enjoy picnics at expansive gardens and also revel in the scenic beauty of the whole country. But, you need to carry your pullovers and umbrellas as the showers can play hid and seek with you anytime.

Q. Are the winters in UK too unbearable?

For all of you that are coming to UK for thefirst time and are hailing from other colder Europeancountries like Poland, you will find the winter here to be much more comfortable as the temperatures do not go below freezing point. You can expect light rainfall along with foggy mornings. The sun generally sets at 4 in the evening and this can sometimes play a spoil sport for tourists that want to explore a multitude of places and things.

Q. What’s the best advice for foot loose travellers?

The best way to enjoy the many charms of UK is to accept the weather as it is, and to come prepared. Since, you are now aware aboutthe unpredictable nature of weather here, make a checklist and carry the essential things with you, no matter which season.

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