How To Really Find The Super Cheap Flights To United Kingdom

How To Really Find The Super Cheap Flights To United Kingdom

Tired of repeatedly searching for fights in order to crack the best and cheapest deal. With numerous search engines and the ever- fluctuating prices of flights, the approach to frugal flight booking is overwhelming. For European destinations, flights are usually not cheap but here is a guide that would help you in finding the lowest fare.

USE THE BEST FLIGHT SEARCH ENGINES:  Usually all search engines have inflated costs of flights in order to take a cut from the airlines. Some search engines have lesser inflation of costs as compared to others. It is highly recommended that you do a good research before booking a flight. Another important point to remember is that no single search engine is consistently perfect. Thus, to not miss any great deal and to ensure the best result, you must try combination of search engines as there isn't a any search engine that gets cheapest fights every time.

BOOK MONTHS AHEAD: The earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they are. Fare usually rise the closer you get to the date of departure.

IDENTIFY THE CHEAPEST DAY TO FLY OUT: Usually travelling on a weekend may be heavier on your pocket as most people prefer to fly on a weekend. Choosing a day mid week can save you some money, Wednesday is usually the best to fly. But in some cases flights are cheaper on Tuesdays. Thus, the best strategy is to get a quick visual of prices for the whole month to check the cheapest date to travel for your specific route.

WATCH FOR HIDDEN CHARGES: Some sites are smart enough to tempt you to book unnecessary things or things that you already have for instance, booking insurance( that you may already have) or for other extras. You should be very careful and remove the extras that you do not need from the online booking form.

AVOID BUSY HOLIDAY DATES: Try to fly not in the peak seasons or on public holiday dates as fare tends to rise up unreasonably on such occasions.

AVOID UNNECESSARY LUGGAGE: Make sure to measure all luggage both cabin and hold, before leaving home to ensure that it is under the limit of your airline. Penalty charges for breaching the limits can be too high to imagine.

FIND THE CHEAPEST PLACE TO FLY: There are heaps of budget airline in Europe, RYANAIR being the most popular, so once you are in Europe you can fly around pretty cheap . What you need to know is what is the cheapest European country to fly in to first from your country. Find you cheapest entry point and then you can take another budget friendly flights to reach to your final destination. This approach, however, is not always cheaper, thus a good research is a must.

USE DEBIT CARD FOR PAYMENT: Booking done using a debit card is relatively cheap.

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