How To Choose Super Cheap Accommodation in London

How To Choose Super Cheap Accommodation in London

Choosing the best and cheap accommodation is always a foremost task. A pre research is always helpful, since every traveler has different needs when searching for a hotel. There are many travel website which offer the best deals according to one’s budget. 

Before digging into options, one should consider the requirements whether the person needs a hotel with extravagant delight, like fitness center, spa etc., or with local charms. Once that is sorted, the search will be more targeted. Don’t go for only big named websites like but expand the search. Three things matter the most while shortlisting a hotel.

Price - Draw up your budget with possible outcomes on how high will be the expenditure for the accommodation. Think of the services that can be availed and don’t forget to add up the transportation cost. Some of the hotels provide you with to and for transportation from airport to the hotel.

Surroundings - Nowadays most of the websites allow the traveler to navigate the surrounding area through maps so one can have a fair look around and can choose accordingly. One can go for a hotel with a beach nearby or can book a hotel in the middle of a forest or amidst a city.

Comfort - After a long ride comfort comes to mind. The websites show the pictures of the rooms, but some of the users also list the real pictures of the rooms. Read out the reviews, the ones left by the users. Go for those reviews which match the description of the hotel.

Now that the criteria for the accommodation are done you can also go through other options apart from hotel.These are some of the other options that a traveler can look forward to- 

Hostels - These are one of the cheap accommodations that one can rent. Travelers on a very tight budget usually go for this option. The rooms can be shared with different people from all over the world or can be rented as private. These consist of bunk beds and less facilities of that of a hotel. Privacy and cleanliness can be an issue for some, otherwise one can consider this option if the duration for stay is fairly long. 

Inns / Bed and Breakfast – Inns are hotels but are rather on smaller scale. They can or cannot include the same services as that of a hotel. B&B’s the offer accommodation for a night and some breakfast (therefore Bed and Breakfast), so they are good for a quick overnight stay. Most of them are cheaper than a hotel and can lack some services.

Villa / Apartments – Rental Villa or Apartments are houses or set of rooms that can be rented for a long or short duration; usually longer durations. This can be considered as an option for those who want a private home away from home. They are most probably furnished, with kitchen and bath supplies. One can save a fair amount of money if the duration of the stay is fixed, also you can negotiate for the price. These can also be hired by a group.

Guest House – Guest houses are part of private homes which is set aside for rentals. They can have a single room or a set of rooms and present some major benefits such as personalized attention, healthy and homemade food, privacy. These are modernly designed and are fairly inexpensive. There are also professionally run guest house with all necessary amenities and staff. This type of guest house follows the safety norms that are set by their government.

Camp Sites – These are the cheapest accommodation you can pay for pitching your tent and also you need your own tent. You can search for list of campsites that you can go for in your desired country. Most officially camping areas provide bathroom services to those who stay. Camping areas are of course for those who have a fair experience in backpacking and the outdoors.

Here are few more tips that can come in handy.

• Before you book the room, call the hotel on the given number and confirm the price. During the off season, there is a good chance negotiation and you can grab the same room for lower price.

• Make sure there is no add-on charges included in the basic rent, for e.g. Wi-Fi charge, parking charges, using the gym or spa.

• Search out of the box. Many hotels are not willing to pay the search site commission, and therefore they don’t advertise, so generally the owner or manager handles all the bookings, one can go ahead and ask for a discount. Search out for the websites which list the above options. Go for the apartment renting option if the duration to stay is longer or the number of people is in multiple.

• If the booking of the room requires some advance payment then read the attached document and also check the cancellation charges. 

• Check out the websites that offer daily deals, which can contain discount coupons. or go for a package. These packages can include one way air fare, car rentals, and one meal either breakfast or lunch.

• Try to visit in off season. By doing so one can get much cheaper rates.

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