Disabled Travellers Tips to UK

Disabled Travellers Tips to UK

Nowadays the whole world fully understands your requirements if you have a disability, use a wheelchair or travel with carers. By combining extensive knowledge and empathy with your personal needs, there are many companies waiting for your accessible-holiday dreams come true.

Do you require wheelchair access, have difficulty walking long distances or need guaranteed-accessible accommodation, yes it is possible, even transport is also possible, in uk, the law has forced each companies to provide service for disabled people. We have found some tips and advises listed for your holidays goes well and helps to avoid potential pitfalls. 

Planning your Trip:

Planning travel trip is hardest part of the life as it involves many things to consider, good planning will help you have better holidays and avoid any pitfalls. You need to a better research on disabled facilities you will be facing in uk. There are many travel companies who prepare the best holidays for the disabled people with years of experience. Otherwise with the help of internet, now you can find everything online to solve any problem you face while in holiday,


You can book hotels with disabled facilities, if you go to booking.com you can find cheap hotels with disabled access, the website will give you all the information you needed otherwise you can contact the hotels directly and confirm all you needs.


The same way you can book flights directly with the airlines (the ones you prefer) and confirm all your disable facilities, the transport requirements need careful consideration for the entire duration of your trip. The airlines will help you have the comfort you need for your travel but this has to be confirmed also to avoid any misunderstands.

The same way you need to find the other transports after landing in uk, there are buses, coaches and taxis available for disabled people, you can carry your wheelchair almost everywhere. If you need some precise facilities and needs before you make a travel, please contact the service providers to get clear ideas of your needs.

Travel Insurance:

Ensure you have up to date full medical insurance before you travel and ensure it is valid for the full duration of your trip. If you have pre-existing conditions or health conditions that make it difficult to get travel insurance, try specialist insurers to ensure you are fully covered for your trip.

Extra cares:

Ensure that you have all your medications always with you not on main luggage and all the necessary medications to have labeled clearly, another important thing is to ensure to carry a letter from your doctor explaining about your medical conditions and medications, this will come handy for everything in uk. Some medication may contain ingredients legal in the UK that are illegal elsewhere, it is best to check with the embassy / high commission of the countries you will be visiting before you travel.

If you are driving in uk, you have some facilities available for disable people, The Blue Badge Parking Scheme offers those with mobility problems with discounted parking concessions throughout the UK.

And all other extra and specific needs have to be confirmed with your service providers. We wish you all the best for your lovely visit in uk.

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