While you are in UK

While you are in UK

  • Think very clearly, be alert at all times and do not leave any luggage unattended at any time in the airport / departure points. this will give you really a security problems and unnessary headaches.
  • Keep alert to any possible danger, do not take any unnecessary risks while in UK.
  • always better to Avoid places that are isolated, badly lit on the streets and stay away from crime hot spots where you can figure out.
  • Do not display valuables such as money, watches, jewellery, mobiles, and cameras.
  • Do not carry all your money in one wallet spilt the money so you are not stranded if you loose your wallet.
  • When purchasing any goods or services make sure you understand the correct price being charged and ensure you are using the correct exchange rate so you have a clear idea of how much it costs otherwise you can ask the sales rep until you fully understand.
  • Keep always a low profile and do not attract unnecessary attention that you are a tourist or business visitor.
  • Do not break local laws, rules and customs. These vary widely from country to country, some background reading and research can help stop misunderstandings.
  • Check if tap water is safe to drink, if not use bottled water, do not take ice in drinks, avoid non peel fruits and salads.
  • Eat sensibly and avoid any places where the food hygiene standard could be a problem.
  • Check for import regulations when purchasing goods in UK.

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