Travel Health Tips To Uk

Travel Health Tips

Health issues when travelling to uk

If you are planning to visit London or any cities of uk, you must consider a numer of health issues. here is a little guide for you considering all the factors which related to health.

Health Check:

If you need a health check or other medical work such as dental work etc, it is advisable to get this done before you start your trip. This ensures you have not put off something that could flare up whilst you are abroad, but also means you are less likely to have to seek medical treatment abroad, where it can be expensive. make sure that you carry your medical insurance.

What you should do During Your Journey:

It is always useful to keep a change of clothes in your hand luggage, in case you are ill or your main luggage is lost or stolen you are not totally without never know what might happen during your journey.

make sure that you regularly do some stretching exercises such as for your arms, legs, ankles and neck to avoid problems with circulation, this is always better for longer journeys by buses or flights. Try to walk around the plane / train / coaches always try to do some exercises at regular intervals, if you cant do by any reasons you can think of some other alternatives such as regular stretching exercises sitting in your seat also. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine always maintain the balance. Eat and drink in moderation, over-indulging with too much food or drink can lead to illness. Carry hand sanitisers and use regularly especially before eating / handling food. to ensure your hands stay clean and lessen the chances to picking up germs and viruses. 

Help for a Fear of Flying:

If you have a fear of flying, you may want to see a specialist before going on any flights. it is called phobia for this There are courses you can attend where you will learn behavioural techniques to cope with, if you have this fear, always have short flight to test your body condition.

You may even be able to get a sedative from your GP to help keep you calm during the flight, so this is something to speak to them about before the flight.

Another anxiety that could cause problems on a flight is claustrophobia. Again, only go on a flight if you are sure that you will be able to control your condition, which may require seeing a specialist beforehand. You will find some more tips on flying with claustrophobia

Flying when Pregnant:

there are some certain conditions for Pregnant women. you must consider about what has to be done befor making any travel plan if you are pregnant. The general rule imposed by most airlines is that you cannot fly when over 36 weeks pregnant for a single pregnancy, or 32 weeks pregnant for a multiple pregnancy. However, there are always relaxation on some conditions but this must be checked and confirmed by only your airlines there for please check first with your airlines. but it all depends on your doctor irrespective of what the airline allows, first consult your doctor and then your airlines. in most of the cases the doctor will give you certificate confirming your pregnancy condition. the airlines also will request in any case. make sure that you have everthing ready befor your flight.

Flying with Diabetes:

If you are diabetic patient you should not have any problems when you travel. However, it all depends on how well you control it. always better to speak to doctor and discuss your itinerary. and Also remember to take your medicines like insulin or tablets with you, and make sure you have everthing enough for the whole uk trip, you can buy some medicines but you find different brands so may be not good for you or you are not satisfied. 

and find with your airlines because you cant carry more than 100ml but they might check some special security checks.and find also if you use any tools to check your glucose level. for every thing you need supporting documents from your doctor to prove that you have diabetics.

Flying with Allergies:

If you are allergic to eating nuts or anything else with an allergic reaction. One of the potential problems is a nut allergy. Many airlines provide the nuts, you make sure to avoid any suspicious nuts which couses your allergies, only you know about your allergies better. you can always ask the air hostess to confirm what it is and all the airlines have first aid kit for treating allergies but you take your own one also if you know you have a allergy.

If you are severely allergic it’s a good idea to warn the airline in advance as they may be able to make some further measures. and you must carry everthing you needed.

Other illeness:

If you have your arm or leg in a plaster, you will usually be able to travel. However, there is a risk of swelling, which can affect circulation, so you may not be able to travel for the first day or two after a cast is fitted. Again, speak to your doctor and the airline for their recommendations. You may be worried about catching a virus like a cold on the flight, or passing on an infection that you have. If you have a contagious infection. always carry some medications.

Flying with a heart, chest, or stroke condition:

if you are travelling with any heart desease, you must have some extra precautions. you must consult your doctor about your travel plan and your airlines also with doctor's confirmation. there will be many heart conditions which might even stop your travelling by air, If you have any concerns about your health, contact your airline’s medical team before you intend to travel. They will give you some medical advice also, if you are allowed to fly you always have a companion to help with your personal needs, airline crews are not able to provide personal care.

Vaccinations and Medications:

before you make a travel, you should consult your doctor specially if you are old, otherwise depending on your health, it is always better if you suspect about any health problems, may be  you need to take some vaccinations for your uk trip. the doctor might prescribe you some preventative tablets courses that need to be taken a set amount of time before you travel or during or after your travel. The vaccinations or preventative tablets will help prevent a range of diseases, for each person different health issues.

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