Women Travelers Tips

Women Travelers Tips

Nowadays women travelling alone all over the world has become a fashion. As more and more women started working, they are forced to travel on business, holidays and with their female friends and more women leading their family and children in their life now is also increasing drastically. In this case most of the women not aware of some precautions when traveling but there are a number of things to consider carefully when they make a travel to uk also.

Travel Plan Tips & Advice Related to UK:

You need to do some research on London or any part of uk about almost everything, the country is multicultural, you need to learn about their custom, their social etiquettes, culture, rituals, laws and language. This will always help better prepare you holiday in uk. You will understand almost everything to know in our United Kingdom travel guide.

  • Always learn the reviews and experiences of other travelers who visited uk.
  • Check the latest travel information before you go.
  • Do not carry any unwanted valuables (eg. Jewelleries, laptops)
  • Buy a good travel guide book, you can get it at all the uk airports or any book shops or any groceries in uk.
  • Wear the clothes similarly according to local women's styles to avoid the unnecessary attention of the culprits. Unfortunately criminals may target female travelers, so you should be always alarmed in your surroundings.
  • Unless necessary always try to avoid late night travelling or where the streets are with poor lights.
  • Take enough money for your trips and make sure that you don’t keep all the money in one wallet or you can keep some in the safety box in your hotels or share some with your friends and families available together with you.
  • If anyone knocks on your door, use the spy hole to check who it is. If it is someone you do not know or are not expecting do not open the door. Find out before opening the door or contact the reception of your accommodation (eg. hotels, apartments, hostels and guesthouses)
  • Be vigilant about loneliness in the accommodation properties because even the hotel staff (men) might take the advantage of lonely woman staying in the hotels or guest houses and they might use some sort of tactics to use you in a sexual ways, you should take into all the points mentioned
  • Ensure before you sleep to lock all the windows and doors and balcony doors.
  • Always remember to act like you are a regular visitor to the uk. And ensure your body language shows you are confident also
  • Do not reveal your travel plans and where you are staying and what you are doing, this makes it much easier for unscrupulous people to target you.
  • Ensure you let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to be back.
  • If anybody invades your personal space or giving some sort of sexual harassment or makes you feel uncomfortable or is possibly under the influence of drink and drugs, it is best to stay away from them to avoid trouble.
  • people may dress less conservatively in the evening however it is best to check and see what local women dress in the evenings. 
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drinks unattended at any point. Odorless and tasteless drugs are increasingly used to spike drinks of victims. It is best to stay safe and take care of your own drinks.
  • Always use the taxis recommended by your hotels or properties but in London going with black taxis are always safe.
  • Make sure that you leave your contact details with your family members or best friends or neighbors and give your itinerary also in case any unforeseen happens.
  • Always try to know little bit of the areas and environments you visiting for the safe side.

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