Where to buy the London pass?

Where to buy the London pass?

Buying London Pass is almost as easy as buying a loaf of bread in a nearby grocery store without any hassles or much questioning. All you require, and is requisite is for you to know where the location nearest to you, the duration of the card you intend to buy (because the cost is often determined by the duration of the card and vice versa). 

The major and most recognised point of sales is the underground railway stations sited at almost every route within the city. You can also purchase from the airport if you find it convenience, as well as your mobile phones. The most effective way would be to other for it and have it delivered at your residential or office address -- so simple.

Here is a list of railway and Underground stations to purchase your london pass:

★ - Heathrow (TFL Information Centre and British Hotel Reservation Centre)

★ - Gatwick (British Hotel Reservation Centre)

★ - Victoria (TFL Information Centre)

★ - Liverpool St (TFL Information Centre)

★ - Euston (TFL Information Centre)

★ - Piccadilly Circus (TFL Information Centre and Hotel World)

★ - Paddington (British Hotel Reservation Centre)

★ - King’s Cross St Pancras (TFL Information Centre)

★ - Earls Court, Tower Hill and many more...

Buying at Airport

You can purchase the London Pass at the British Hotels Reservation Centers at Heathrow , Stansted and Gatwick airplane terminals; the Transport for London Information Center at Heathrow; or the Hotel and Travel Reservation work areas at Gatwick South, Luton and Stansted. 

Buying Online and Address Request

Immediately you order the London Pass through the official site, you are opportune to select whether to have the request transported to a location of your choice or you can get your passes at the corporation’s London collection offices. If you choose, you can send the request to your Smartphone for Mobile London Pass tickets which you will get in a second upon remitting your payment.

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