Work Visas in UK

Work Visas UK

UK is among the best popular locations for people to live and work. In order to work in UK, you need to attain a valid UK work visa. UK work permit scheme encouraged skilled workers in UK until November 2008, when it was replaced by point based immigration system. A valid job offer from employer is a must in order to have work permit in UK. The application for work permit is made by the sponsoring employer.

Following are different work visas as per different category-

  • Tier 1 visas – This visa is basically for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Talented leaders of a certain field.
  • Tier 2 visas – This visa is for sponsored workers like general workers, Intra-company transferred employees, sportspersons etc.
  • Tier 5 visas – temporary work visas for sponsored workers are for charity workers, religious workers, government authorized exchange, Youth mobility schemes and International agreement.

Other valid visas are for these categories-

  • Visas for Domestic Workers in a Private Household – for cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, personal care providers etc.
  • Visas for Representatives of an Overseas Business – for head of a UK business branch or a foreign journalist on a long-term posting.
  • Visa for Turkish Entrepreneurs.
  • Visa for Turkish Workers.
  • Visa for citizens having UK Ancestry - Commonwealth citizens with UK born ancestors.
  • Visa for citizens having Croatian national registration certificates.

Work visa eligibility –

  • Duration of a work visa can be from 1 month to 60 months; In case of moving to another company you need to apply for another work visa.
  • Work permit is dependent on the employer, the time length of this visa is dependent on the sponsor company.
  • Work permit must meet the criteria of National Vocational Qualification.
  • For certain professions there must be registration with the governing body of those professions – for example doctors must be General Medical Council (GMC).
  • A Degree or Higher National Diploma level qualification is necessary in order to obtain a work visa in UK.

Work visa fees can range from £175 to £1800.

Some additional information on work visas-

For shortage occupations like jobs in engineering, healthcare and other professions, there is no need to the employer to meet the advertising criteria’s set by work permit UK.

Spouse / Civil partner of a work permit holder is eligible to work in the UK, without any restriction. Dependent spouse / civil partner can also work as self-employed.

Please Check on How to apply for Work Visas Here

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