What about united kingdom food and drinks

What about United Kingdom food and drinks

Food and Drinks

British are really proud of their typical dishes. Jokes apart, British food is really good and internationally recognized for its taste and quality. British cuisine has improved very much over last few decades. Food quality is depends on standards and budget end of the market. Fish and chips is the most common and famous cuisine of United Kingdom.

When it comes to breakfast, a combination of sausage, bacon, mushrooms, fried bread, egg, tomatoes, baked beans, and toast with cereal is the most common choice in United Kingdom. Being an international tourism place, it has to offer a lot when it comes to food. Cheese, different variety of bread, boiled eggs, porridge, and pastries could also be offered for breakfast in United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is an expensive place to stay and eat than most of European countries but cheaper as well when it comes to Norway and Switzerland. A two – three course meal without a drink will cost you around £15. Roasted Beef is most loved traditional dish in United Kingdom but Chicken Tikka Masala with rice is most popular dish of United Kingdom.

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Fish and chips with mushy peas is the most popular dish for which United Kingdom is worldwide famous. Fish and chips can be bought from street hawkers and from a high end restaurant as well. This dish will give you a taste of real British Culture

Indian Restaurants

One of the most famous type of cuisine in United Kingdom is Indian. Most of the towns in United Kingdom whether small or big, has at least one Indian restaurant. Most liked and served Indian dishes includes Prawn Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, and spicy Vindaloo.

While having a poor reputation for service, overpriced and hygiene, motorways services are also there when it comes to British fast food. These services are 24 hours open which offers fast food for night drivers.

Black Pudding, Cheese, Cornish Pasty, Yorkshire Pudding, Welsh Cakes, Potato Bread, Laverbread, Haggis, Oatcakes, Sausages, and Smoked Fish are some of the most liked cuisines in United Kingdom.


Alcohol is what drives United Kingdom parties mad. Londoners enjoy every Friday night while drinking at parties, offices, restaurants, and home. It’s a party objective in United Kingdom to get drunk. Legal age to purchase and drink alcohol in United Kingdom is 18 and if you look younger, you will need to show legal id proof which shows your photo and date of birth together. Drinking is an important part of British culture and wine is the most liked alcohol which gets served with drink most of the time.

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