British Breakfast

British Breakfast

The breakfast is arguably one of the most important meals of one’s day and it remains same in the United Kingdom as well. It has been found that most of the people who eat breakfast are likely to engage in physical activities while the researchers’ have insisted on the significance of children having two breakfasts. 

Most of the tourists who visit England from the Asia, Africa and America must get used to Britain’s breakfast as it is unique from all the other breakfasts. 

Q: What is so special British breakfast?

Well, there are so many things that make a British breakfast special. It will consist of different types of food such as fresh fruits, fruit juice, mushrooms, tea and cereals. Talking of specialty, what can be more special that the full British Breakfast? 

Q: What is a full British Breakfast?

As the name itself suggests, the full British Breakfast is full of various foods. It’s pretty much a collection of all types of food. It may not be served every day, but in the special occasions and weekends.  It will feature the same food of a normal British breakfast, but what makes it a full British Breakfast is the inclusion of bacon and eggs along with various types of sausages.

 Q: What are the best places to have breakfast in England?

 ‘Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield’ in Buckinghamshire is one of the most glamorous restaurants in England where the guests will be served bacon, eggs, black pudding and many more British-like-food. At the ‘Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield’ a full British breakfast is also available for £19.50.

‘Annie’s in London is another British restaurant which serves traditional English food and the place is often visited by the country’s national rugby team as it is known for some fresh food.

‘Barnyard’ in Charlotte Street in London is a must-visit place for tourists in England due to its wonderful breakfast as well as for the fact how the place has been made. In ‘Barnyard’ the guests are made to feel as they are in the old trenchers used during the World War which is one of the reasons why most of the people visit the place.

‘Granger and Co’ in London serves plenty of sweet food where the visitors are being given the opportunity to taste hotcake with banana and honeycomb butter.

Gail’s Kitchen in Bayley Street in London would provide the guests with fast food such as pastry and sandwiches for the breakfast. The place is also known for less expensive food with main dishes being available at £10. 


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