Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food  have grown increasingly popular all around the world during the last few decades due to several reasons, although there have been claims that they are hardly found healthier for the human body, and it has no difference in the United Kingdom where people  often consume fast food.

Q: Why fast food?

Researchers have proved that there are some key factors which have been instrumental in people favouring fast food. One of the reasons has been that most of the consumers are able to get fast food quickly as they could be prepared swiftly. Another factor has been that people find them delicious on most of the occasions and there are various types of fast food available to consume. 

Q: What makes fast food restaurants in UK special? 

In the United Kingdom it is often seen that most of the tourists tend to experience some mouth watering fast food. It has also been said that most of the tourists prefer British fast food to that of Americans for few reasons. For instance, you find chips in both the countries, but in England the people find things that could be put on the chips such as curry sauce, gravy and chippy sauce which make the food much tastier. It is also understood that British fast food are cleaner than that of most of the countries, so no wonder if you are visiting the United Kingdom you fancy having some of these fast food.

Q: Where can I have it?

‘Poppies’ in Camden Town, North London has been a quit a popular fast food restaurant in England where the guests are offered fish cooked in crunchy batter, cod bites and mushy peas. This particular place is known for number of food made of fish including skate, code roe and plaice. 

‘Hello there Pasty’ in Cornwall, England, as the name itself suggests provides a variety of pasty mixed with chicken, bacon pork, beef and potatoes. 

‘Chicken Shop’ is one of tourists’ favourites. Located in London, this has four branches across the capital; Whitechapel, Tooting, Holborn and Kenish Town. As one would predict, there are enormous number of food made using chicken such as several dishes, wings and spitfire chicken.

Another famous fast food restaurant in England is ‘Yo! Sushi!’ (japaneese food) which has over 100 branches across England where the tourists could experience number of dishes such as soups, noodles, hand rolls and salads.and also you will find some other and fast food restaurants such as macdonald’s, KFC and some Arabic fast foods in London and all other parts of uk.      

‘Whimpy’ in London is one of the oldest restaurants in England having initiated in 1955 by J. Wellington and this place in famous for hamburger and fries. 

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