Student Visas UK

Student Visas UK

United Kingdom is one of the major countries where international students love to pursue their education. United Kingdom welcomes thousands of international students each year to study in United Kingdom. United Kingdom has no limit to number of visas that can be issued to international students every year.

When to apply for a student visa?

There is a right time for everything whatever we intend to do. It’s really important to get prepared already to apply for a student visa before you are planning to get into the admission line. There is a certain time required to get visa application processed and sometimes it can take more time which will not give you time to pack well.

You should apply for your student visa at least three months before the start date of your course. Visa processing time is about three weeks in general.

Student Visas in United Kingdom

Study visa requirements depends upon the type of course you are intend to get into. Short term course for upto 11 months and long term degree course are two categories of study in United Kingdom which defines type of visa you will need to apply for.

  • Short Term Student Visa
  • Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa
  • Tier 4 (General) Student Visa

Students need to take English language test if English isn’t the first language in their country. English test score makes you meet visa and admission requirements in United Kingdom. Depending upon the targeted University / College score required in English test might be different.

You must enquire and research about the university you are willing to pursue your education at that the university got an approval from United Kingdom Government to offer such courses and admission to international student. Wrong selection of university and college might take you in problem in future.

You can bring your dependents in United Kingdom while pursuing your education here. You can also work in United Kingdom while pursuing your education. Limited hours per week will be allotted to you according to your age and qualification level.

Tier 4 visa is switchable with another category once you have completed your education. You can switch to work visa if you get sponsored by an employer. There are many ways to stay and work in United Kingdom and a graduate can switch from Tier 4 to the required visa based on terms and conditions. Please check on how to apply for student visas here


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Tier 4 (Child) Student visa i...

Short Term Student Visa

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