London Airports

London Airports

The best way to travel to London from various corners of the world is through airline services. It is the best way to save time, and let you enjoy some extra time in London. The Business center airport over here is the London City Airport. Additionally, there is a Heathrow Airport, attending global flights to and from London. Another noteworthy international airport for the London area is Stansted Airport. 

Traveling from Airport to hotel and vice versa:

There are practically two ways, which you can follow, to reach your hotel room, straight from the airport. The natives have their cars driven by their drivers, but for the travelers, there are black cabs and minicabs, waiting just outside the airport. Take your bags with you, and get them from their destined places. There is a metered fare, which you can pay with cash or card.

If you want to avoid that long and tiring journey outside the airport, then rent a car online. You can do that before you board the flight, and the car rental company will send the driver before your flight lands. The same methods are applicable while planning to travel from hotel to airport. The hotel staffs can provide their shuttle services, or can book a car for you.

A rough airport fare

It is difficult to present a particular fare, as it changes from one place to another. If you are traveling from Heathrow airport to the central part of London, then the fare will be somewhat within 45 pounds to 70 pounds. The charges will be extra if you pay through cards.

• Avoid paying through credit or debit cards

• Avoid online booking as that will add more charges

• Take up the cabs from their destinations, as they have parked their cars nearby.

If you can follow these points, then you can enjoy a comfortable ride from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, without much investment.

for more details, please visit official London Airport websites

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