Where Do I Stay In London and *UKTG* Recommendations?

Where Do I Stay in London

Staying in London has primarily two different variations. It is not always necessary to stay in the expensive hotels, as London has some cheap options, as well. Planning to stay in the cost effective areas, and save money for some other parts of the trips? Well, go for the 2-star hotels, with the best accommodation but little bit pocket-friendly.

• Cheap hotels for you: London is perfectly known for some of its cost-effective accommodations. Some basic examples are Hampton, Ibis London, Travelodge London Docklands hotel and even Express by Holiday Inn.  

• Expensive versions: Just like a perfect place for students and small businessmen, London has some amazing and expensive suites, for the aristocrats. If money is not a concern, The Dorchester can be your perfect luxurious stay. Let’s just get along with some other names, like The Intercontinental London Suite, Sheraton Park Tower, The Berkeley Pavilion Conservatory Suite, and your very own The Ritz.

Other forms of accommodations:

Other than London, there are some other forms of accommodations available in London, too. Listed below, are some of the other variations, other than hotels, to match up your requirements.

• Apartments: If you are willing to stays for months, then hotel payment will be quite an expensive option. Let’s just stay with the apartments in London, available on rent for a particular time. Some basic options to look for are HouseTrip London Apartments, London Serviced Apartments, The Athenaeum and more.

• Bed and Breakfasts: If you have a restricted budget, and just want to have a comfortable stay at night, B&B is the vital option. Well, you have Bay Tree House B & B, Barry House B&B, B+B Belgravia and Victoria - Bed and Breakfast, as some of the amazing options.

• Guest Houses: Another cost effective way to live up those wonderful days in London is by staying at guest houses. You have London Guesthouse and The Notting Hill Guest House Ltd, as some of your 2 and 3-srat rated guest houses, respectively.

• Homestays: You have traveled all alone and missing a family in London. Well, homestays are best suited for such loners, where the host families will be like your real family. From great food to good stay, London homestays are best!

Cheap accommodations for you: 

For those people with a tight budget, you should look for B&B, Homestay, and guesthouses, as some of the cheapest mode of accommodation. It does not always have to be high and ravishing when you think of London’s stay.


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