On a Budget

On a Budget Trip To London

So, you have a tight budget plan, but still want to enjoy your trip to London. Well, people have a misconception that London is a place for aristocrats. Well, to change your perception, there are various options available over here, which can make your stay worthwhile, within a limited budget. Listed below, are some important points, which you better consider, to make this trip pocket-friendly.

• Avoid the 5 star hotels: 5-star hotels in London will cost you a hole in the pocket. For those, planning to spend as little money as possible in the stay, they can look for the 2-star hotels. Places are extremely clean and hygienic, and with all sorts of basic requirements, you need for a comfortable stay. You can even plan to join hands with some Bed & Breakfasts places too, which will cost you even less.

• Go for the free attractions: London has various tourist attraction spots, for which, you need to pay some amount. Well, similarly, this place has some free tourist places too, which you can visit anytime, without spending a single penny. Willing to enjoy the rich history of Britain with its fascinating chances? For that, you can visit the museums, free of cost. Some other free areas are Mediatheque, Borough market, Houses of Parliament and even National Portrait Gallery. You can further take trips to parks, open for all!

• Using public transport: London is known for its perfect commutation services. From metro to buses, you have everything for a perfect ride. So, if you have a tight budget plan, then avoid taking any cars on rent or taxi journey, and look for these public transport areas. Here, you can travel by buses, trains and even metro links, which will not even cost you half of a rental car. 

• Short stay can help: For those, willing to spend limited amount, they can plan for a short trip over here, in London. There are many free tourist spots, but those can be covered within a week or so. When you have completed this trip, you can easily get back home. The shorter you make your trip, the better money you can save on this trip.

These are some of the significant points, which you should consider, if you have a strict limitation on your bank account. Eating at local restaurants can further add as bonus point. Therefore, even with a limited budget plan, you can still enjoy your days in London!

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