Will I be allowed to work while I am studying in UK?

Will I be allowed to work while I am studying in UK?

Life in England can be expensive and extravagant; perhaps that is why most of the foreign students are being drawn into work while they are studying in the United Kingdom.

Q: What are the advantages of working while studying?

As you would easily understand working while studying could bring in some money for the students which is always going to be a handy option. Apart from that when you are working, somewhere you get into the society and will be mixed with community which could benefit in many ways such as making new friends and improving the language.

Q: What are the places which provide students with an opportunity to work?

Well, most of the non-government organizations would. It is seen that most of the students work in restaurants, supermarkets pubs and many more. Sometimes students are given opportunities to work at some high profile institutes such as newspaper or television.

Q: How many hours am I allowed to work?

Hundreds and thousands of foreign students work in the United Kingdom. You may be an undergraduate or a postgraduate, you may be from Asia or Africa or any other part of world, but you will most certainly be permitted to work for 20 hours.

Q: What are some best cities for foreign students to work on part-time basis?

Most cities in United Kingdom would allow international students to work while studying, but London and Birmingham in particular are regarded as the best due to the sole reason that these two cities would offer a variety of jobs.

Q: How much I can earn working while studying in United Kingdom?

The general rate is that you could earn around 5-7 pounds per an hour working around England. You would be able to work for 20 hours and on holidays you will be allowed to work as much as you want.

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