Which university is the best for higher studies in UK

Which university is the best for higher studies in UK

The university education has become a must needed factor for most of the job seeker in pretty much every field, which has led most of the students to continue their higher education in well recognized universities. The university education could also lead to a very successful and comfortable live. Most students go abroad for their higher education. In fact students come in hundreds and thousands to England which is renowned for university education. However, it is vital for them to find out the best universities in the country?

Q: Why it is important to find out the best universities in England?

Well, there are a huge number of universities in England, but the quality of education may not be the same in all the universities. So as a student you have to research a little about the universities and what sort of courses it offers. On the other hand, the recognition of each university is also not equal.  

Q: How important is the recognition to a university?

It is very important due to several reasons. As previously mentioned, the level of education in well recognized universities are far better than the lesser known universities. However, the most important factor out of all is the top organization would offer jobs for those who pass out of the best universities which is why you have to be a part of a well-known university.

Q: What are the best Universities in United Kingdom?

One of the oldest and well recognized universities in the England, Cambridge is ranked third in top ten universities in the world. Having produced some legendary figures in the form Charles Dawin and Stephen Hawking, Cambridge dates back to 1200s. At present the Cambridge offers 30 courses such as Archaeology, Architecture, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Chemical Engineering, Classics, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Management Studies, Manufacturing Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Modern and Medieval Languages, Music.

University of Oxford is the oldest university in the United Kingdom as it was established in 1026. It has produced 26 British prime ministers and hundreds of recognized figures who have gone to be very popular in the world. Among the courses it offers are 

Earth Sciences, Economics and Management, Engineering Science, English Language and Literature, English and Modern Languages, European and Middle Eastern Languages, Philosophy and Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Philosophy and Theology, Physics, Physics and Philosophy, Psychology, Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular), Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Modern Languages, Politics, History of Art and  Human Sciences.

King’s College in London may not be as popular as Oxford or Cambridge, but certainly it is an outstanding university for students for their higher education. Ranked 19th in the world it was initiated in 1829 and offers courses in the fields of engineering, medicine and science and health science. 

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