Where to Make Comments and Complaints for Taxis on Tour Issues

Where to Make Comments and Complaints for Taxis on Tour Issues

Inasmuch as all employed and employable chauffeurs and transport management officers are given a fair training and undergo disciplinary education before being welcome into the system, there are still at times, when a particular passenger(s) will not be be satisfied with the services

rendered to him of her. When this type of case arises, what will you do? How do you cope or treat it? What measures will you take to ensure it doesn’t repeat itself in the nearest future and all. This is where the issue of a regulatory body is brought into acknowledgement. To ascertain, evaluate and monitorize operations and happenings in the sector, and ensure that everyone is treated with an unbiased ideology and intense justification.

Things you might face with taxi Drivers

  • some taxi drivers rip off the customers, for example, they agree on a fixed price and then change their mind and ask for more money.
  • some taxi drivers they drop in wrong places for some reasons, always take their vehicle regesitration numbers noted to take action against them with proof.
  • some drivers use the longway to make more more money instead of using the short cuts with these situations, always go for fixed prices to avoid it.
  • some drivers behave indecently with passengers for some reasons, in this case you can contact the taxi companies and complaint it, they will change the drivers for you.
  • when prebook the taxi and ask them to wait outside for you, they dont do that, even though you agreed to pay for the waiting time.
  • some taxi drivers do a fantastic job for you but comment them with thir good things to their taxi companies, and give some tips to keep them happy.

Below are some of the things, places and methods to lay complaints where required in the public transport system.

➔ Things to do

Document Your Complaints: The is a always a system and a rule in everything worth doing, and we often tend to make silly mistakes, take law into our own hands and often get our actions wrong when we over react or do unthinkably. The first thing your are expected to when faced

with uncertainties or situations like this is to note down the occurrence. What happened, how it happened, your reactions and all other necessary information, once done, report directly at the various distinctive offices for road travel rights and regulation. You may find a regional office close to you.

Don’t let Chagrin lead to chaos: This is one of the best reasons not to welcome the spirit of cantankerousness in our lives. Sometimes, it fails us woefully and often lead to disgrace or high weight embarrassment. Regardless of the weight of frustration or challenge faced in the public

transport system, it is always recommended to pursue peace virtually with all men. And the best way to do it is to report the issue, be it so worse, the nearest police checkpoint can take it up from where you left.

➔ Office to report issue in the UK is found below

Public Carriage Office customer services team on:

Tel: 0343 222 4444 (Monday to Friday between 08:00am to 16.30pm)

Phone: 020 7918 4435 Fax: 0207 027 9914


Public Carriage Office

Customer Services

5th Floor

84 Eccleston Square

London SW1V 1PX

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