What is a Home Stay And Is It Cheap

What is a Home Stay and is it Cheap

Waking up to a beautiful beam of sunlight, infiltrating through the clouds entering your window, to a rooster's alarm, a kettle of steaming hot tea available at your disposal, and there you lie cuddled up in a good quality blanket on a cosy soft bed, ready to start a new day and venture out new places on your vacation..... Isn't that what we all desire for on our holiday trips??? If 'YES' is your answer, then ditch a hotel and choose a homestay for your vacation.

A Homestay is nothing but a house that is open to travellers, and involves living with a local family, and getting a firsthand experience about their customs, culture, cuisine and the way of life. It renders a 'HOME AWAY FROM HOME' experience to its guests with all the comfort and cosiness it provides on a land away from your own. A homely environment, complacent rooms, home cooked meals, that in no way compromise with your comfort and luxury are available at most of the destinations you choose for a vacation. If you want to live closer to the people and culture of the place you are visiting, a homestay is always the best option.

Homestay accommodations connect guests with live-in hosts and offers a true value stay, giving the opportunity to live in the heart of the destination you are visiting and to experience the real essence of staying in a particular place not just as a customer but as a guest. Homestays are most popular among youngsters working or studying abroad, but they are open to all kinds of travellers. Homestays may vary widely- In some cases the guests get an opportunity to live quite closely to the host family, say as one of the family members, and take part in the family events. Whereas there are homestays that offers just a room to its guest where he is free to live as he wish.

For budget and long-term travellers homestays can be a real bargain over hotel and other types of accommodations. The charges to live in a homestay is quite less as compared to a hotel and sometimes such stays are for free, as the owners of many homestays choose to host guest not only for money but because they like meeting new people and interacting with them. Profit is often not their primary motive. Plus in a homestay there are no extra or hidden charges such as gym, WI-FI etc as in the hotels. When planning to live in a homestay on your vacation so a good research about all such things and choose the best homestay that suits your interest.

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