Typical taxi fares in the UK

Typical taxi fares in the UK

Are you a first time visitor to the United Kingdom and has little or no knowledge about the transport system in the Nation? The system of movement from one place to the other here in England and other States of the United Kingdom could readily seem same as your country. The dissimilarities aren’t that really much.

Typical fares:

Note that fares and times may be higher than shown if there are delays or heavy traffic.

Tariff code on meter





Approx Journey Time

Monday to Friday 6am – 8pm


Monday to Friday 8pm – 10pm Saturday and Sunday 6am – 10pm

Every night 10pm – 6am Public holidays

1 mile

6 - 13 mins

£5.60 - £8.80

£5.60 - £9.00

£6.80 - £9.00

2 miles

10 - 20 mins

£8.60 - £13.80

£9.00 - £14.00

£10.40 - £14.80

4 miles

16 - 30 mins

£15 - £22

£16 - £22

£18 - £28

6 miles

28 - 40 mins

£23 - £29

£28 - £32

£28 - £33

Between Heathrow and Central London

30 - 60 mins

£46 - £85


Top modes of public transportation includes the

★ Metropolitan Train : Both modern and Local Trains (which runs through several cities and counties of the United Kingdom)

★ Coaches: The Coaches are custom buses (Which operates in the cities and connects each borough to another, depending on several factors and management).

★ Buses: Buses are basically two different type or more, depending on the city or county transport system.

★ Mini vans: Mini vans (also known as the private taxis and hackney carriers are mostly used for transportation in the cities)

★ Black Taxis: Call it Private hire taxis or Hackney carriers (they’re a bit expensive, and serves for executive tour and travel with the county's. Black taxis are held in high esteem in the United Kingdom)


Determining Taxi fares in UK

There are several simple and hasslefree ways you can know the price of fair before embarking on one. This goes a long way to help passengers have a concise information about their journey, as well as the estimated sum to pay on disembarkation. There are several ways to achieve this, depending on the type of taxi you’re traveling along, and also, the mode of reservation or booking of the taxi. In which, two ways are possible


➔ Offline/Branch office booking

★ Get to know your fares, amount of money paid per kilometer with reference to your point of embarkation to the destination and location. All information given in documentation at the point of booking and issuance of ticket.


Online Booking

Online booking is simple, easier and convenience. Optimize the use of taxi booking mobile applications or Webportals in achieving this. With this, you are not far away from all the information you need to know about your custom travel. Here are possible sites and mobile applications to use



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