Smart Reasons to Join a Hotel Rewards Program

Smart Reasons to Join a Hotel Rewards Program

In the modern times, almost all the famous hotel groups have a specific rewards program that are not only lucrative but also act quite beneficial for their guests. While choosing the best rewards program one must keep a lot of things in mind as it depends on a number of variables like frequency of his travel, status tier, preferred brands and the specific benefits he is looking for. The most worth it aspect of a rewards program is recognition by the hotel as a repeat customer, which can entitle them to fast check in, free upgrade, better room, free wifi or breakfast and many other benefits. Though different programs offer different perks and benefits but it costs nothing to join any of them anyway.

These are some of the reasons that should suffice to persuade travellers to join a hotel rewards program:

1) Hotels reward program is for everyone: Most people think that hotel rewards program is only for frequent travellers, which is an absolute misconception. These rewards programs are usually for free and most of them if not all have immediate benefits starting for the very first stay. Most of these programs do not get expired or lasts for a fairly long time, giving the travellers a chance to use them over a longer period.

2) One can actually use his points: Unlike the airline loyalty programs where there is an extreme scarcity of reward seats, the hotel reward program is much more easier to avail and is customer friendly. Keeping in mind the ease of claiming an award in a hotel, the hotel rewards program are richer than any airline program now-a-days.

3) Easy redemption policies with lesser restrictions: Hotel programs tends to have minimal restrictions on redeeming awards as many hotels offer points that never expires or have blackout  dates. Most hotel loyalty programs allow the customers to avail their awards right on their websites. In addition hotel programs usually have 'points and cash' that allows a customer to maximize his value and extend the use of the points he has.  Lastly, a customer can decide on redeeming his reward points during his stay and can mostly do so on anything that is chargeable during his stay in the hotel including food, room upgrades etc.

4) One can use his points in any sister concern hotel globally: A large hotel chain offers a wide range of places where their reward points can be used. They provide excellent and often multiple options at several destinations of your travel. On searching for a relatively well known destination, one almost always finds at least one of these famous hotel brands located quite well. Thus giving a wide array of destination where their reward points can be redeemed.

5) Hotels often offer special deals to reward members:  Many hotels offers a 'bonus' reward to the rewards program members, for  instance free room service, free internet or Wi-Fi, occasional late checkout permissions etc.

6) Reward levels available for all budgets: Based on its brand and class every hotel has their tiered redemption levels. The nicest thing about  hotel programs is that they allow a customer to earn points and then choose the level of hotel they want to redeem their points at.

7) Hotel points as airline miles and vice-versa: If all your attempts of using airline miles on a flight has turned fruitless and frustrating, consider using your miles for a hotel stay, many airline programs allow this. But a hotel reward system is much more flexible. The best thing about a hotel reward points is that while you can rarely move airline miles to hotel points, you can almost always move hotel points to airline miles.

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