Sightseeing Tours in London

Sightseeing Tours

Now, it’s time for you to visit the amazing and famous landmarks of London, by joining hands with the famous sightseeing tours over here. Get to learn more about the city’s attraction, and what makes London different from the rest!

1. Total London Tour: Get to this trip, and enjoy the old and contemporary look of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Tower of London.

2. Royal London Tour: Get inside Buckingham Palace and be the first one to see changing the Guard.

3. Modern London tour: This is the perfect amalgamation of modernized lifestyle of London mingled with the rich cultural heritage of this place.

4. Warner Bros Studio: Get to the core of behind the scenes and immersive sections, which you have missed out while watching your famous Harry Potter movies, over here.

5. Open top bus tours: This is the perfect hop-on and off bus tour, which will help you to explore London at your pace.

6. Tower of London Beefeater: Get hold of the Beefeater guide, and learn more about bloody history, which dates back centuries ago.

7. Bike and walking tour: You can explore London at its best, with this bike and walking tour, which will cover up a large sect of land.

8. Original sightseeingtour: This is another name in hop-on and off list with traditional red open bus tours.

9. London by night: Here, you will enjoy the richness of night time in London, with lights, shining Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey and what not!

10. BBC tour: Get in touch with the original BBC tour, where you can be a part of live broadcasts.

11. Black Taxi Tour: Roam London in style in these three hours of black taxi ride.

12. Helicopter Tour: Want to enjoy London from the top? If so, then this Helicopter tour is best for you.

13. Speedboat tour: For those in love with adrenaline rush, speedboat tours are best, covering Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral and what not!

14. Alternative walking tours: Be more close to the lanes and by lanes of London with these walking tours, where you will have only your legs to rely on.

15. Chocolate Ecstasy tour: For all the chocolate lovers out there, this has to be a dream come true tour!

If you want to choose the cost effective rides among these tours mentioned above, you can go for the walking tour or the ones, where you just have to ride a bike!

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