is long-distance learning better option in uk?

Is long-distance learning better option in UK?

Long-distance education has been recognized as one of the most effective methods of learning in the modern day life.  Another interesting factor about it is that it has improved immensely over the course of last few decades.  In the recent past, students have also shown their faith in the distance-learning courses. 

Q: What are the advantages of long-distance learning in comparison to general university education?

Well, it does offer a lot of advantages. First and fore mostly, in long distance learning, it is the student who decides on where and when to learn. For instance, the students who follow a general course in a university will be required to attend classes on a specific time, but that is not the case with long distance learning.

It allows you to review on your own work without having to rush off to the next class which is what happens in general course when you have to physically present at classes.

It is believed by some people that, students who study online don’t have all the facilities and materials that are needed for proper education, but only the students who actually learn online would tell you that, it is inappropriate.

Another massive advantage of this is that it makes sure you keep direct contacts with lectures via email or mobile, something that may not be available for students on classes physically.and another advantage is very cost effective to have the degrees.    

Q: What is long-distance learning?

Long-distance learning means when a student is allowed to study on a specific subject or more without being physically presented at a College or any other institute which provides education. Long-distance learning process is mainly or rather completely implemented via online classes.

Q: How long could a long-distance learning course last?

It depends on the course really. It may go on for four years at times, but could also finish in one or two years as well.

Q: What types of courses are available in long-distance learning?

Well, mainly it offers courses to begin your higher education, but, students who have to continue their higher education from a particular level could also use this method to complete their courses.

Q: What are some Universities which offer an opportunity for long distance education?

The University of Northampton, University Campus Suffolk , The University of Manchester , Edinburgh Napier University , Institute of Education, University of London.

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