If Not Happy At The Hotel How To Get Your Money Back

If not Happy at The Hotel How to Get Your Money Back

It is always recommended that you book your accommodation through a reputable travel agency that belongs to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) as it represents the interests of the travel providers and it also assists holiday makers if there a complaint against the agent.

Try to make payment for your accommodations using a credit card if possible and keep all the receipt that you get during your stay. If there is a complaint against a hotel, the major credit card companies will take your case and will not charge your card till they investigate the levied charges on the hotel.

If you happen to find yourself in a room that is way below in standard from the one you booked, you should ask for a reduction in room rate or an upgrade. To strengthen your case, it is advisable to carry your booking confirmation details if you have them. Even the best of hotels have overbooking, because a consistent percentage of bookings are either not taken up or are cancelled. In such a case, a guest is generally offered an upgrade as a compensation at no extra charge. Still if the offered room is inferior to the room you have booked, you must insist on a reduction of the room rate and ask for transferring you to the room you have booked as soon as it's available.

In case of any minor complaint you must reach out to the front desk staff first. If they fail to resolve the issue or the issue is a major one you must then escalate matters by insisting on speaking to the General Manager of the hotel. Stay calm and patient during the entire process and when you land up to a satisfactory agreement, ask the hotel manager to give it to you in writing to avoid any further disputes.

Lastly, keep a record of everything pertaining to your complaint and as an extreme measure take photographs or videos of the entire episode to make your case stronger.

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