If I have lost my belongings in the coaches, how do I contact lost property office?

If I have lost my belongings in the coaches, how do I contact lost property office?

Losing properties on buses and coach journey in london and united kingdom as a whole is not a recommended idea. Due to the hassles and pains you will experience on any of those occasions, most especially, if it happens to be after a long travel on coach between cities or territories in the United Kingdom. In such cases, it takes a bit time to finalize the process of returning your lost item to you via the exact nearest coach station the coach disembarked. 

Nevertheless, anyone could fall a victim at any instance of time, even without prior alert on information.

There are basically two ways to claim your lost items once you notice the development. First is either by filing an online report (which should be the first option, your mobile phone could be very helpful in achieving this). The second is to visit the physical office and undergo the short mandatory procedure as stipulated by Transport of London Board. 

Report Online

For online report, you can visit the TFL’s lost property website and carefully fill out the required information and submit. You will get response if your property was found and sent to the station. 

And secondly, ensure that you do not give a very long and boring description when reporting the loss of your property either online or offline. Due to the massive stampede of complaints flooding in, there are chances no one would have time to read yours first or at the designated time. Thus, causing further delay. Endeavor to keep your lines short, brief and concise, outlining the main information on how it got lost.

For digital or computing devices and gadgets, a more clearer info should be incorporated. If it’s a mobile phone, the number should be clearly mentioned, as well as the IMEI and Serial number,if available.

Going by the TfL Lost Property Office Option

Lost property enquiries are ransacked almost every time for 21 days from the submitted date of misfortune or loss of property. All enquiries will be attended to regardless of whether the results have been fruitful or not. 

On the off chance that you are lifting property up for someone else, their composed approval will be required. Individual Identification will be required in all instances of property accumulation. 

TfL Lost Property Office Address

200 Baker Street 


NW1 5RZ 

Phone: 0343 222 1234 (8.30am-4pm), Monday-Friday, with the exception of bank occasions) 

NB: You will have to pay a fine of from 1 to 20 pounds to redeem any lost tem. Depending on the item misplaced.

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