I really don’t have the grades I need to get into the course I want. What can I do please help me?

I really don’t have the grades I need to get into the course I want. What can I do please help me?

The students are required to have specific results to get enrolled to a course in universities. However, as it was seen on so many occasions, not all the students meet the educational requirements. So does that mean they cannot study in a university? Absolutely not!

Q: What can I do if my grades don’t match the requirements?

Well, that by any meaning doesn’t mean that you cannot learn in universities. This was the reason why foundation courses are introduced to the students with lesser grades.

Q: What is a foundation course?

These courses are designed to help the students with lesser grades to bridge the gap between the academic-related matters. It generally goes on for six months, one year or two years. This course is critical for those students who intend to study in United Kingdom in particular.

Q: Why does the foundation course play a key role in British universities?

It is regarded as the most convenient way of getting to the universities in England; especially for the art degrees in the universities in the United Kingdom.

Q: Do the foundation courses help student to get involved in any course?

Yes it does. That is why foundation courses are created. It can prepare the students for any type of subject including Social Science, Media and Humanities, Law, Engineering Art and Design, Medicine Science and Pharmacy.

Q: What other requirements are expected to be met by the foreign students?

Well, for the foreign students even if they have good grades for academic work, they still have to prove their capabilities in English. That was the intention of introducing the IELTS test.

Q: What is IELTS test?

That is basically a test which helps assess your fluency or ability in handling English. Not only the universities, but are the professional organizations too require a certain grade in the IELTS test.

Q: What are different levels of IELTS?

There are a few levels in the IELTS test. For instance the highest a student can reach is nine which would mean that the person is very fluent in English.

The next of the ladder is level eight which reveals that the student does have good communication skills but could occasionally end up misunderstanding sentences.

Likewise there are a few level and different universities around the world require for different grades for IELTS exam.

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