I am Vegetarian

I am Vegetarian

The latest stats have indicated a massive growth of the vegetarians all over the world with 3.7 of the population in the United Kingdom being vegetarians while over six million Americans and 50 million Indians are too declared to be vegetarians.  Four percent of both Chinese and Russian populations have also said to be vegetarians, so there is a good chance that you could be one of them as well.

England is a country which attracts a large amount of tourists every single year due to its natural beauty, the precious customs and unique traditions. Country offers a great deal of options to the visiting delegation where the consumption of food plays a key role. 

Q: What do I do if I am a vegetarian visiting the United Kingdom?

Well, with the growth of the vegetarians all over the world, the amount of vegetarian tourists who visit England have also increased which is why there has been escalation of vegetarian hotels around the country. Glasgow has been recognized as the best city for vegetarians in the United Kingdom while Brighton is also not far behind. Not only in Glasgow and Brighton, but there are vegetarian restaurants in almost every city of United Kingdom and if you are a vegetarian visiting the country you must find one of them, which is not difficult.

Q: What are the best vegetarian restaurants in UK?

London, attracts number of tourists, and among the best vegetarian restaurants in the capital of the country are ‘The Manor’ in Clapham, Vanilla Black in Took’s Court, ‘The Palomar’ in Rupert, Nama in Talbot Road and ‘Sagar’ in Percy Street.

In Manchester the visitor may find vegetarian restaurants in the form of ‘Arnero’, ‘The Pasta Factory’, ‘Asha’s’, ‘Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen’ and ‘Busaba’ while in Liverpool they could step into ‘Maray’, ‘Leaf’, ‘YourThai Café’, ‘Crust’ and ‘The Brunch Club’. 

Q: What is served in these vegetarian restaurants in UK?

These vegetarian hotels do serve some delicious food made of vegetable of course. For instance in the Vanilla Black in London, the guests are being provided the opportunity to taste Walnut Panna Cotta, Iced Malt and Fried Mushroom Mousse while in the ‘Food for Friends’ in Brighton the visitors can have various veggie dishes. and in some fast food restaurants also ( eg.Macdonalds ) you will get served some vegetable sandwiches

‘Hansa’ in Leeds is a Indian vegetarian restaurant which offers Gujarati food while in ‘Green Note’ in London you can taste orange and avocado salads. 

Q: What are the foods which supply protein for vegetarians? 

Nuts and seeds have been identified as foods which deliver a plenty of protein for the consumers while beans and pulses have also been recommended. Those of which you could find in most of the restaurants in United Kingdom.

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