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➔ A brief Introduction to East Anglia

East Anglia, Just as the name already signifies, is an area somewhere in the Eastern Part of England. The origin of the name “East Anglia” was genuinely derived as a result of the Anglo-saxon kingdom (in east angles), in which it falls into. It is a tribe that originated from the Northern part of Germany, a conurbation known as Angeln. The territory has several towns and mini cities therein, but largely referred to as a the NUTS 2 statistical region. Because it encompasses top counties like Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and more. Also to include the city of Peterborough unitary authority area.  

➔ A Bit on the Historical days 

The history of East Anglia is on a paper. This kingdom in its earlier days, encompassed the towns of Norfolk and Suffolk not until the marriage of the East Anglian princess Etheldreda, since then, the isle of Ely has jointly become part of the kingdom. History also gathered that the Kingdom of east anglia was formed in the year 520 due to the coming together of the North and the South Folk respectively (these are angles who initially dominated the former lands of the Icenic a previous century before then). Viewing the long history, you will come to realize that East Anglia was one of the seven Anglo-Saxon heptarchy kingdoms as mostly explicated in the 12th century writings of huntingdon. 

➔ Counties Beside East Anglia

Despite the known fact that the city of east anglia was one of the topmost to know in the whole the eastern region of England. There are still yet, some tough and ever waxing counties that surrounds it as neighbors, offering all effortful assistance and partnership towards ensuring a peaceful livelihood. And mutual co-existence towards building the strength and power the eastern hemisphere boast of. Some of these notable counties include

★ Bedfordshire

★ Cambridgeshire

★ Essex

★ Hertfordshire

★ Lincolnshire

★ Norfolk

★ Rutland

★ Suffolk

➔ Arriving East Anglia By Air / Airports in East

If you’re planning a very momentous and exhilarating expedition towards the eastern part of England, there is no doubt, East Anglia should be your first choice place of visitation and landing site. Depending on where you are coming from i.e, your current destination as at the time of disembarkation. You are bound to get a very sure and direct travel flight right down to eastern england. Nevertheless, if you are anywhere around the counties or metropolis in the united kingdom. Other options and means of transportation is also available to you unconditionally.

➔ From Norwich Airport (Norwich, United Kingdom UK)

Right from norwich, more than seventeen AIRLINES and lines operate there. it is deemed one of the busiest.

Airport Norwich offers nonstop flights to more than twelve cities in the region and outside. Weekly updates on it says at least 120 domestic flights and international depart the airport.

Other Airports that operates both from within and without includes

★ Adria Airways

★ Aegean Airlines

★ Aer Lingus

★ Aeroflot

★ Aerolineas Argentinas

★ African Express Airways

★ Afriqiyah Airways

★ air Transat

★ Air Tahiti Nui


★ AirAsia-Philippines

★ AirAsia-india

★ China Airlines etc amongst many others

➔ Airport Transfers and hotel booking

There are so many ways to manage yourself once at the airport linking to the city of in the city itself. If you are a first time visitor, paying a careful attention and listening to your moves before embarking on themis relevant in any case. These will help you to make perfect decisions and seemingly unregrettable plans. Far from that, there are more than five means of transportation from the airport to the hotel of your choice. Its either you invest some few bucks on an airport shuttle, private or government owned taxis, Mini or Maxi buses, or the modern electric cars that connects to a more select areas in the metropolis. 

➔ Hotels 

Finding a hotel is never going to be a  problem in any case. Its either you have booked and has a hotel reserved personally for you or book directly once you’re in the city. Right immediately from the airport, the chauffeur should be so amicable enough to lead you to a place where you will find a large concentration of hotels. Factors that determines your hotel booking...

★ Hotels in East Anglia are likely to cost you within 50 pounds to 200 pounds or above.

★ Depending on the class of hotel you visit and the location (these two factors are to be considered effectively). 

Some topmost hotels to find in east anglia includes

★ Congham hall Hotel and Spa

★ Best Western Plus Knights Hill Hotel

★ Ickworth Hotel

★ Ufford Park Woodbridge Hotel, Golf and Spa

★ Stoke by Neylan Hotel, Golf and Spa

★ Swan Hotel and Spa Lavenham

★ Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel and County Club

★ The Hoste (Burnham Market)

➔ Tourist Sites and Attractive Places to Visit

Imperial War Museum Duxford: Imperial war museum would please you indefinitely, most especially if you're a researcher and historian. It incorporates all the war stories, items of war, war tools and every other strong evidence of ancient war times in the Eastern England and United Kingdom in Special.War equipments such as war tanks, more than 200 planes, tanks and boats are not excluded from the list of portrayed warring gadgets.

Paradise Wildlife Park: Paradise wildlife Park is a  forest reserve zone in simple definition. Here you will be opportune to find a lot of ancient items that depicts wildlife and zoology. Also, an exotic wildlife and animal experience park.  

Layer Marney Tower: The Famous Tudor gatehouse. It contains a large farmland, Cafe, and other fabulous utilities. 

Anglesey Abbey: This is the home of the Jacobean-style house. therein sits an ancient watermill.

Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts: If you're looking for a brand new way and style to explore arts and critics, thea Sainsbury Center is 24 hours opened to you and several thousands of tourists to explore. People with great love and admirations for arts,cultural exhibition and heritage finds themselves here either on a visit or excursion.




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