Central England (Midlands)

Central England (Midlands)

Q- What to expect on arriving in Central England?

A- The paradisiacal land of splendid natural beauty; the home of Shakespeare, the most famous playwright; and the land of magnificent history and culture, Central England has too much to offer to its spectators. As a corroboration of nature's refulgence and human innovation, Central England abounds with enthralling hills and luscious green valleys, where rivers slowly meander to form a rich verdant and fertile landscape. This central area extends  from the industrious Staffordshire and Peak district to the edge of Wales and down to the affluent south.

Q- What are the countries that form the Midlands?

A- The Midlands is said to include the countries of Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire,  Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire,Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, the West Midlands metropolitan boroughs and Worcestershire. With more restricted boundaries, The West Midlands and The East Midlands are two modern Government Office Regions that together forms The Midlands. In tourist Literature, several parts of the Midlands are poetically referred to as The Heart of England.

Q- What are the climatic conditions in this region?

A- Central England has a temperate maritime climate, with cold and wet winters and comfortable, mostly dry and sunny summers.  Due to its geographical location, which is furthest away from the coast than anywhere else in England, it typically receives mostly light winds, with warm days and cold nights.

Q- What are the major tourist attraction in Central England?

A- As stated earlier, Central England is rich both in history and natural beauty, thus it has something in store for every tourist to match up to his interest. Go climbing and hiking in the Peak District, visit the house of Shakespeare and breathe in the air of the bygone era, visit the famous Lincoln Cathedral or indulge in the offerings of England's second biggest city, Birmingham. The giant museums, marvellous National Parks, vast swathes of dense untamed woodland, and a perfect amalgamation of city life and wild country side and what not, let your expectations rise high as they won't be unmet. Let the traveller in you unwind himself and venture out in the Midlands to satisfy your wanderlust.


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