Banks in London


When you are traveling somewhere, like in London, you never know, but you might come across money crunch, at any point of time. Well, not to worry in such situations, when you have London Banks to help you out. From getting some cash out from there to open up an account, the tourists can enjoy some of the mesmerizing facilities from the UK banks, only if they are aware of the points over here.

Get down some banks first:

Before you jump for the benefits, you need to look at the banks of your choice. There are so many important banks available here, and listed below, are some of the name, on which, you can rely upon. 

• Barclays Bank: With its state of the art flagship along with modernized features, Barclays Bank is located in Piccadilly Circus, and has many positive features for the tourists. It was opened on 18th December 2008, and never looked back since then. 

• Bank of England: One of the noteworthy name as the central bank of the UK, Bank of England is here with some amazing options over here. This bank is sometimes known as Old Lady of the Thread needle Street.  

• Some of the other names, apart from the two major ones are Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, Allied Irish bank and even ANZ Grindlays Bank. And some more banks such as Natwest Bank, HSBC Bank and Halifax Bank which is an retail banks and available in all the high streets in London.

Opening up your account:

Well, there are some procedures involved, but there are some ways, which will help tourists to open up a bank account with London banks. This will make it easy for their banking transactions, and can save some money too. You just need to provide your residency proof and ID, to show that you want to open an account with the banks. Well, these points are flexible and likely to change from one bank to another. You can even open up an ID with American Express. But please check their opening and closing times in their official websites if you want to visit the banks, normal hours are 09:00 to 16:00.

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