As a tourist, is it safe waiting for the bus at bus stop at night?

As a tourist, is it safe waiting for the bus at bus stop at night?

Not Recommended!

Night journey is not often recommended to tourists and a few other categories of people. London is a very big city and there are possibilities, it’s your first time in the city. That is, you have little or no knowledge about the culture, the people and social life/behaviour, and generally, the happenings in the whole city. So waiting at the bus station late at night is not readily a recommendable idea. But on the other hand, where you have a more older person (someone who understands the city better than you do) flanking you, then both of you may last a while out there, but not too longer than usual.

When caught up on a travel and maybe, in one way or the other. Your plans aren’t working out as fixed, and you find yourself in such situation, here are 2 quick and clever things to do

Book a Quick Black Taxi

The number of taxis running in the night times in london are relatively copious and has the capacity to serve more than a reasonable number of individual passengers simultaneously. Ranging from the London Black Taxis, to the private hire taxis and other notable hackney carriers. One awesome thing about a good number of these travel options is that you can hire them in a matter seconds and have them kat your disposal before you say “Jack Robinson”. So why not -- Hire a taxi through the london taxi mobile applications immediately.

Search for the Nearest Train Station

There are also chances that you’ll be just some few meters walk away from the London Metropolitan Train Service station. Yea! Try investing some time and guts to ask a few passerby of the closest metro station; or possibly use your mobile map to track-it out. London train station has just a few kilometer differences from each other, so there are strong signals - you’ll be closer to one of them.

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