Ancestry Visas UK

Ancestry Visas UK

Ancestry visa is for Commonwealth Citizens. Commonwealth citizens who has a British ancestor are allowed to live and work in United Kingdom. You can apply for this visa and get permission to stay and work in United Kingdom for up to five years.

A person can apply for this visa who has British ancestor up to Grandparents level. Person will be allowed to live and work but won’t be able to study or get access to public funds. This visa can get applied only from outside the United Kingdom. You cannot switch to this category visa if you are already in United Kingdom with another visa.

To get qualified for this visa you should:

  • Be a citizen of Commonwealth Country
  • Be able to work
  • Be able to support financially
  • Have an ancestor who was born in United Kingdom (Up to Grandparents)
  • Be at least Seventeen years old

You will need to provide proofs stating that you are able to support yourself financially without getting access to public funds. You must be willing to work in United Kingdom to get qualified for this visa category. If you have shown enough funds to survive for a few months, it will be easier to get this visa without being worried about a job.

At least £1600 will be required to show as savings to get qualified for ancestry visa while showing that you are looking for a job as well. Application process should include documentations showing that you really are intend to work in United Kingdom and looking for a job as well.

This visa can get extended once it’s near about to expire. You can apply for permanent residency in United Kingdom if you have stayed and worked continuously for 5 years under ancestry visa.

This visa gives a bright chance for you if you have a British ancestor can make your future bright in terms of career and livelihood.

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